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Physical Access Control

San Francisco Bay Area

The Best Physical Access Control Systems in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Area is home to a wide range of thriving businesses, and when business is booming, there is a lot to keep track of. From San Jose technology start-ups to established San Francisco financial institutions, these flourishing enterprises have one thing in common: the need for quality physical access control.

Theft and unwanted visitors are an ever-growing concern, especially in a place as bustling as the Bay Area. A physical access control system is necessary to secure enterprises’ internal and external facilities. With enhanced smart cards, biometric authentication, mobile-based phone access, and license plate recognition analytics software, businesses can thoroughly protect organizational integrity and scale their security system for a safe and profitable future.

Customizable access control systems

Without physical access control, an enterprise’s people, property, and profits are at risk. A comprehensive, customized physical access control system is critical to authenticate visitors and employees and grant them the appropriate level of access.

At Security 101, each system is customized to an enterprise’s unique needs and is designed to function asynchronously as one secure system, successfully meeting essential commercial security needs.

Physical access control systems provide security assurance

Whether you're getting ready to open your doors for the first time or are expanding a pre-existing security system, having the right access control system in place is key to protecting your business from potentially dangerous intruders.

Security 101 can help you:
  • Secure access points as barriers to entry for unauthorized individuals. Barriers can include keypads, proximity cards, personal identity verification (PIV), and control readers.
  • Auxiliary systems monitoring, including facility point monitoring, for key auxiliary systems such as fire alarms and evacuation systems.
  • Enhanced smart cards and hands-free access control methods, including biometric authentication, mobile phone-based access, and license plate recognition.

Upgrading and integrating legacy physical access control systems

Some Bay Area businesses have been around a long time—and so have their physical access control systems. If a business has a legacy system in place, our Security 101 experts will do an initial assessment to see how the system could be upgraded. If a business has separate security systems in different buildings, Security 101 experts will work to centralize and merge the systems into a single platform. Businesses can rest assured that whatever the security need is—Security 101 experts are up to the challenge.

Premiere Bay Area physical access control systems

Security 101 provides Bay Area businesses with state-of-the-art physical access control solutions. Our expert designers, engineers, and service professionals provide integrated support from end-to-end, incorporating the latest technologies—including smart cards, biometrics, mobile access, and license plate recognition—to ensure an organization’s unique security vulnerabilities are efficiently addressed with a customized solution.

Streamlined visitor management solutions

Long gone are the days of sign-in sheets at the counter, which could all too easily be ignored or falsified. Swift identity verification, background checks, and more are all possible with a fully upgraded and integrated visitor management system.

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