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Running a business in a bustling city like San Francisco, Oakland, or San Jose requires heightened attention to creating a secure business environment. Bay Area organizations, including schools, businesses, and healthcare facilities, all require a high level of security to regulate who is allowed to enter the building, and when they can do so. Without these measures, Bay Area businesses are vulnerable to intruders disrupting workflow, stealing valuables, and in the worst scenarios, committing violence. Fortunately, Security 101 can design, install, and maintain a comprehensive commercial access control system to ensure Bay Area enterprises remain safe at all times.

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Commercial access control systems are critical to ensuring a safe enterprise

Gone are the days of simple lock and key access control systems. Organizations require advanced access control to ensure only authorized personnel are permitted inside a facility. Our cutting-edge technology is customizable to meet the ever-changing, complex needs of organizations.

Deter intruders, gain peace of mind, and simplify the access control process with our state-of-the-art technology, including smart card systems, license plate recognition, biometric authentication, and mobile-based access.

The smart card system: a solution for busy San Francisco enterprises

Selecting the best security solution

Security 101 recognizes that no two organizations are exactly alike, and security requirements will vary greatly across industries. Fortunately, the team at Security 101 is up to the challenge.

We partner with each San Francisco client to analyze any existing systems and discuss what unique needs must be addressed. From there, we work together to design a personalized access control system. Our custom-made solutions can incorporate cutting-edge smart card technology, touch-free methods to minimize germ spread, or frictionless methods for high convenience.

Why Security 101?

Security 101 is a nationally-recognized, full-service security provider — we make sure businesses are in good hands for every step of the process.

We ensure each security plan optimizes the latest advancements

When securing an enterprise environment, we design and install the most cutting-edge defenses to protect employees and customers. Our comprehensive systems are designed with each business’s specific needs in mind while leveraging the most up-to-date, advanced security options.

We ensure nothing falls through the cracks with our unified system

Stand-alone security systems of different makes and models can lead to ineffective monitoring and reporting. An all-in-one, centralized security system ensures all physical entry points are tracked and, when possible, integrated into the larger system.

We ensure privacy and compliance concerns are addressed

The right security system will address concerns regarding privacy and compliance. Being vigilant across all security areas ensures enterprises are positioned to thrive while remaining in compliance and protecting all assets.

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