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Running a business in a bustling city like San Francisco, Oakland, or San Jose requires heightened attention to creating a secure business environment. Bay Area organizations, including schools, businesses, and healthcare facilities, all require a high level of security to regulate who is allowed to enter the building, and when they can do so. Without these measures, Bay Area businesses are vulnerable to intruders disrupting workflow, stealing valuables, and in the worst scenarios, committing violence. Fortunately, Security 101 can design, install, and maintain a comprehensive commercial access control system to ensure Bay Area enterprises remain safe at all times.

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Commercial access control systems are critical to ensuring a safe enterprise

Gone are the days of simple lock and key access control systems. Organizations require advanced access control to ensure only authorized personnel are permitted inside a facility. Our cutting-edge technology is customizable to meet the ever-changing, complex needs of organizations.

Deter intruders, gain peace of mind, and simplify the access control process with our state-of-the-art technology, including smart card systems, license plate recognition, biometric authentication, and mobile-based access.

Smart card access control

The smart card system: A solution for busy San Francisco enterprises

While there are many forms of commercial access control available, one of the tools we most often recommend is a smart card.

Smart cards offer a simple, straightforward way to quickly control who is allowed into a building, and their no-fuss installation and maintenance process makes them a desirable choice for busy enterprises.

Many organizations choose to switch from a traditional mechanical lock system to a smart card system for the variety of benefits they offer.

  • With a smart card, reprogramming the system is simple: In a conventional lock system, if one set of keys becomes lost, it can require an entire systemic overhaul. Compared to changing all locks and keys, reprogramming a smart card system is much faster and more cost-effective.
  • Technological advances ensure smart cards are more secure: Older proximity cards that used low frequency 125 KHz RFID transmitters can have their serial numbers cloned by unauthorized individuals. Today’s smart cards use 13.56 MHz chips that are more secure, thanks to data encryption.
  • Clearance can be customized with encoded smart cards: For medium-to-large organizations with multiple users and various access points, creating a unilateral security system used to be a significant undertaking. Now, access control software empowers system administrators to encode personalized cards that correspond to each individual’s required clearance in an efficient manner.

‘Frictionless’ access control technologies

In addition to smart card systems, organizations are increasingly investing in frictionless access control solutions. Fast and ultra-convenient, these systems use contactless methods to allow users to enter the facility. Prominent frictionless solutions include:

  • License plate recognition (LPR): Utilizing fixed cameras to analyze license plate information in real-time, LPR systems grant parking lot/garage entry to all authorized employees. LPR eliminates the need for decals, access cards, and PIN memorizations, making entry extremely convenient. In the event where an individual loses security clearance, their license number is simply eliminated from the database.
  • Biometric authentication: Although biometric systems were once only accessible to major organizations due to their high cost, they have become increasingly affordable in recent years. Now, smartphones commonly use facial-recognition and fingerprint scanners for security measures. For companies that require an extra level of protection, biometrics offer a sophisticated option worth considering.
  • Mobile-based access: With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, many organizations are implementing their use into access control systems. Using technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy (BLE), and near-field communication (NFC), mobile-based locks are not only convenient to the user, but they remove the possibility of having to spend money on replacement access cards or keys.
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Selecting the best security solution

Security 101 recognizes that no two organizations are exactly alike, and security requirements will vary greatly across industries. Fortunately, the team at Security 101 is up to the challenge.

We partner with each San Francisco client to analyze any existing systems and discuss what unique needs must be addressed. From there, we work together to design a personalized access control system. Our custom-made solutions can incorporate cutting-edge smart card technology, touch-free methods to minimize germ spread, or frictionless methods for high convenience.


Security 101 is a nationally-recognized, full-service security provider—we make sure businesses are in good hands for every step of the process.

We Ensure Each Security Plan Optimizes the Latest Advancements

When securing an enterprise environment, we design and install the most cutting-edge defenses to protect employees and customers. Our comprehensive systems are designed with each business’s specific needs in mind while leveraging the most up-to-date, advanced security options.

We Ensure Nothing Falls Through the Cracks with Our Unified System

Stand-alone security systems of different makes and models can lead to ineffective monitoring and reporting. An all-in-one, centralized security system ensures all physical entry points are tracked and, when possible, integrated into the larger system.

We Ensure Privacy and Compliance Concerns Are Addressed

The right security system will address concerns regarding privacy and compliance. Being vigilant across all security areas ensures enterprises are positioned to thrive while remaining in compliance and protecting all assets.


If you're looking for a commercial access control system from a Bay Area security company you can trust, call Security 101 at (925) 951-0444 or reach out to us today. Before you know it, you'll be able to rest easy knowing your company—and your people—are safe.