Cloud-Based Access Control

The Best Cloud-Based Access Control Systems in the San Francisco Bay Area

Access control systems are an indispensable part of commercial security systems and a simple, time-tested concept—for centuries, deadbolt locks and keys were used for this purpose. However, today, modern technology has substantially improved how these systems operate. Enhanced smart cards and “frictionless” security methods, such as biometric authentication and mobile phone-based access, have improved overall safety and user convenience. Additionally, the ability to connect to the cloud has advanced how system frameworks operate.

In busy cities like San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco, cloud-based access control systems are critical, as they enable local companies to operate their security measures in a more centralized and cost-effective manner than many traditional systems could allow. Security 101’s Bay Area office offers expert design, installation, and maintenance of cutting edge, cloud-based access control systems that can greatly benefit any San Francisco Bay Area organization, no matter the industry.


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Enjoy reliable security with cloud-based access control

In principle, cloud-based access control systems work much in the same way that conventional server-based systems do—a central framework controls the entryways throughout a facility and a log within the framework maintains who is permitted access. That could be through registered mobile phones—the preferred option for most cloud-based system users—or smart cards or fobs. Once these credentials are presented in the entryway, the system allows the individual to enter.

The advantage of a cloud-based access control system over a traditional one lies in where the framework resides—the former being in an outside data center, while the latter is housed inside the facility. Having the system reside in a remote location assures the cloud-based system is hosted by some of the most fortified data centers available today and that the access control system remains secure.

Mobile phone access

Cloud-based access control is cost-effective

By using a cloud-based access control system, organizations can eliminate many of the costs associated with conventional access control. For one, initial installation is far more affordable with no physical servers to buy. Similarly, with no server to maintain, upkeep costs are minimal, as system updates are automatic.

Other, perhaps less obvious, cost-saving sources include:

  • Reduced training: Cloud systems use intuitive interfaces that are easy to learn on one’s own—no long training sessions necessary.
  • Eliminated security credentials: Most cloud-based systems permit entry through the use of mobile phones. If companies choose this option over the use of keys, fobs, or cards, they can eliminate the cost of buying physical credentials.
  • Access to scale: Cloud-based systems are easily scalable. If a company triples in size, the system can accommodate the new users without the need to rewire the whole system.

Intuitive control for both employees and managers

Cloud-based access control systems make security simple for everyone involved:

  • Employees with mobile access don’t have to keep track of a card or fob. By simply opening an app on their phone, they can enter their place of work.
  • Security directors can use a portal on either a computer or mobile device to:
    • Add or remove users’ credentials
    • Enact a lockdown in the event of an emergency
    • Verify that the system is operational
    • Customize users’ credentials so that they can access certain facilities
    • Export access logs
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Secure Bay Area facilities with cloud-based access control systems

Cloud technologies have revolutionized the way we store our music, photos, videos, and documents. Now, it’s changing the way we stay safe. By integrating a cloud-based access control system into their operation, businesses ensure people’s safety, save costs, and make security simpler than ever before.

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