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    Audio analytics in educational institutions

    School security isn’t just for college campuses. High schools, middle schools and even elementary schools need to have adequate access control and security systems in place. Vandalism, aggression, and break-ins or thefts can take place at all types of schools. From 2010 through 2019 more gun-related incidents occurred at elementary schools than middle schools, according to statistics from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security.
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    Topics: Campus Security, technology, audio surveillance, audio, risk management, security plan

    Security 101 brings its unique business model to the Seattle security and tech scene

    The space needle, high tech, music, weather, coffee, and even the 12th man — Seattle has much that it is recognized for. Now you can add commercial security integration to that list. Security 101®, the nation's only franchise model commercial security integrator is thrilled to announce that the independently-owned Seattle, Washington location is on the map.

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    Topics: New Franchise, Security 101, security integration, new franchise office, seattle

    8 ways to maintain access control

    Topics: Tips, Integrated Systems, Access Control, Visitor Management, maintenance, Wireless Access, system maintenance, doors, alarms

    Rochester office up and running in New York state

    Topics: new york, New Franchise, Security 101, security integration, new franchise office

    Addressing security challenges in healthcare 2020

    Topics: Video Solutions, Integrated Systems, Healthcare, Access Control, Visitor Management, hospital, Video Surveillance, security integration