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    Cybersecurity threats: Staying vigilant during the holidays

    Preventative cybersecurity practices, especially during the holidays, — a time when online shopping undergoes a massive spike — are necessary. With increased financial and email activity, and considering intruders do not take holidays off, more chances arise for cyberattacks. With this frame of reference, a proactive approach that prevents information breaches and efficaciously protects your business is of great consequence.

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    Topics: Access Control, Cybersecurity, cyberattacks, national cybersecurity awareness month, cloud-based

    It’s turkey time! — How grocery stores are staying safe during thanksgiving

    Preparations for Thanksgiving celebration have started. Although retailers have ordered holiday items months in advance, consumers are now shopping for the perfect turkey dinner. Traditionally, this time of the year also brings out an increase in crime and theft in supermarkets, which have certainly been intensified in 2021 due to the current pandemic.

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    Hardening security for non-profit organizations

    Topics: gift of security, non-profit, Charity

    The effects of false alarms in manufacturing

    Topics: Manufacturing, Fire Alarm, infrastructure security, alarms

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