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    The most important cloud security trends in 2022

    What does it take to secure the cloud?

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    Topics: Trends, covid-19, cloud-based, cloud solutions

    How the Astroworld tragedy could have been prevented with the right physical security solutions

    Astroworld Festival, an annual rap music event held in Texas, appears to be one of the deadliest crowd-control disasters at a concert in the United States in recent years. Unarguably, eight deaths and dozens of injuries, caused by a crowd surge, could have been prevented with the proper combination of technology and manpower. Sadly, enough measures were not taken, resulting in the loss of lives of fans and millions of dollars in legal liabilities.

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    Topics: mass notifications, physical security, artificial intelligence, stadium security

    Supply Chain — Security Challenges and Solutions

    Topics: Access Control, Visitor Management, Manufacturing, Video Surveillance, physical security

    4 Reasons why cyber and physical security convergence is essential in 2022

    Topics: Integrated Systems, Cybersecurity, physical security

    Cloud-connected smart buildings: The benefits

    Topics: Integrated Systems, Property Management, cloud-based