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    Reducing construction equipment theft

    A major problem construction sites face is equipment theft—an inconvenient and costly dilemma. In 2016, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) complied 11,754 reports of stolen equipment with only 21 percent of equipment recovered. Stealing construction equipment is a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for thieves, due to the fact that many construction sites are left unsecure. 

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    Topics: Video Surveillance, theft, physical security, perimeter security, Construction, thermal cameras

    Part 1: Biometrics in Physical Security

    We recently finished our series on artificial intelligence and its multitude of uses in physical security. A natural segue is moving into biometrics and how advances in AI are making its use for access control, identification and authentication increasingly popular.

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    Topics: Biometrics, hack, physical security, safety, artificial intelligence

    Part 5: AI Security robots and drones

    Topics: drones, robots, nancy ford, artificial intelligence, machine learning

    Part 4: The power of AI communication and physical security

    Topics: threats, artificial intelligence, Language Interpretation, Intelligent Translation

    Part 3: Two ways AI is disrupting the security industry

    Topics: Future of Security, motion sensors, safety, threats, AI, artificial intelligence, Anomaly Detection