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    Is your manufacturing plant secure?

    In November 2018, a Berrylicious/Berry Obsession fruit farm’s disgruntled former employee was arrested in Brisbane, Australia, and charged with seven counts of contaminating goods, which included the corruption of numerous punnets of strawberries with sewing needles. It is believed that the malicious act occurred between the time the strawberries were packed and the time they were purchased. Although this crime might seem rare in the food industry, the evidence depicts a high probability of insider attacks against the food supply for reasons that include sabotage and terrorism.

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    Topics: Manufacturing, ip video

    “Be strong” I whispered to my Wi-Fi signal

    In the modern world, it is becoming nearly impossible to function without access to wireless internet. An important application of wireless technologies is security systems, which are effective monitoring solutions that do not require a cable to connect, giving the freedom to install them in any place of a commercial property. However, in order for these physical security platforms to function, it is imperative that the Wi-Fi connection has also outstanding performance.

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    Topics: Wireless Access, integrator, wireless security, remote video solutions

    Granting contractors access to your premises

    Topics: Access Control, Property Management, Visitor Management, Video Intercoms, remote video solutions, remote access control

    Facial recognition technology – Benefits for the property management industry

    Topics: Access Control, Biometrics, Video Surveillance, Wireless Access, facial recognition, accesscontrol, remote access control, face recognition

    Gunfire detection system – A way to have a safer 4th of July celebration

    Topics: government, gunshot detection, Video Surveillance, Analytics, audio surveillance, ip video, analytics solutions