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    Protecting crowds in sport arenas with metal detectors

    The Super Bowl creates a sense of camaraderie, bringing fans together all around the USA. While many decide to stay home and watch the game live, others prefer the adrenaline of the crowd’s roar and the smell of hotdogs and beer. Large entertainment venues are no strangers to the regular minor security inconvenience, but in the past year, their safety protocols have been heightened.

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    Topics: Access Control, Holidays, Metal Detector, Design, Entertainment, Arizona

    Security Camera Laws in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know Now

    Although Massachusetts was recently named one of the safest states in the U.S., ranking #6 on the list overall, the Bay State didn’t do so well in terms of workplace safety, placing at #42. According to Crime Grade, a crime occurs every 3 minutes, on average, in Massachusetts. The crime rate is 24.73 per 1000 residents, with about 53,485 crimes per year.

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    Topics: Video Solutions, Security, Video Surveillance, Installation, Security Laws, Massachusetts, Boston

    HIPAA compliant video surveillance for healthcare facilities

    Topics: Video Solutions, Healthcare, Video Surveillance, Service, Security Laws

    The physical security component of cybersecurity

    Topics: Tips, Integrated Systems, Security, Cybersecurity, Integration

    Security solutions to prevent common security concerns in daycare facilities

    Topics: Tips, Visitor Management, Video Surveillance, Installation, Non-profit Organizations