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    Top risk management procedures for industrial facilities

    About 1.7 million workers are injured each year during workplace attacks, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. These incidents account for 18% of all violent crime in the country. How can angry people be effectively restrained so their rage doesn't hurt others in a manufacturing facility? Certainly, plant leaders have a legal and ethical obligation to foster a work environment that is safe for everybody. Not only does it increase productivity, but reduces the possibility of lawsuits, liability costs, and damaged employee morale.

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    Access control options for industrial manufacturing facilities

    Two of the main objectives of many industrial manufacturing facilities are safety and productivity. The latter goal largely depends on guaranteeing a safe and secure place for workers, visitors, plant managers, and other leaders. And so, the point of increasing the level of physical security in industrial manufacturing settings is to detect threats, prevent intrusion, and respond appropriately and quickly in the event something wrong happens.

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    Security after dark – Scary risks manufacturing companies face


    Nominations are open for the 2021 Gift of Security

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    The expensive costs of false alarms

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