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    The ideal method of communication during an emergency

    Companies rely on email to constantly communicate with employees, but 71% of them say they check their work email only between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. Studies show that the time they spend checking their inbox continues to decline through the years. Many Americans do not even give emails their complete attention since they check it while watching TV, during meals, or shockingly — while driving.

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    Occupancy estimators can help enforce building health protocols

    Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working around the clock to make certain that the right measures are taken to protect the public while resuming operations after the COVID-19 quarantine.

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    Topics: accesscontrol, analytics solutions, occupancy estimator, smart badges

    A tool to keep your tenants safe: Getting the word out fast

    Topics: Integrated Systems, emergency communications, mass notifications, Security 101, security integration, integrator, emergency communication system, mnec, mns

    Security window film: A way to make your property less penetrable

    Topics: Access Control, physical security, perimeter security, windows, window film, break in, burglary

    Property Managers: 4 reasons to step into the future with IP cameras

    Topics: Video Solutions, Property Management, Video Surveillance, emergency management, Smart Video, ip video, crime prevention, property crime, vandalism, looting