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    Celebrating national camera day and recognizing its value for modern security

    These days video surveillance can be found everywhere. They are in the streets, at train stations, workplaces, factories, and even home. The helpful technology we might take for granted now had very interesting beginnings, which are worth discussing to commemorate National Camera Day, celebrated on June 29th.

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    Topics: Property Management, Video Surveillance, remote video solutions, ip video, security camera, cloud-based

    Ready for the summer splash? This is what you need to improve the security of your pool

    According to the CDC, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death, with 390 deaths a year, on average, attributed to drowning in a swimming pool or at a spa. Although this data might be hard to believe, pool accidents are unfortunately common due to lack of swimming ability, reckless playing around the pool, excessive drinking, and parents not paying enough attention to their children. Now that summer is here, the risks are even higher. Pool owners and administrators need to proactively prevent and be prepared for a swimming accident with state-of-the-art technologies.

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    Topics: Video Solutions, Education, video, Security, Security Systems, motion sensors, social wellbeing, perimeter security, Summer, Security 101, alarms, real-time alerts

    Gated communities’ challenges: Tailgating

    Topics: Access Control, Property Management, Visitor Management, accesscontrol, tailgating, LPR, license plate recognition, managed video, property crime, license plate detection

    Efficient asset tracking and control in public libraries

    Topics: Integrated Systems, community, Asset tracking, government, Asset Protection, Campus Security, solutions, theft, RFID, efficiency, technology, crime prevention, vandalism, public safety

    Ways to protect public parks during the summer break

    Topics: Video Solutions, cctv, government, thermal cameras, LPR, license plate recognition, remote video solutions, public safety