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    Two schools of thought on silent vs audible intruder alarms

    When all employees and personnel have left your property for the night, it’s up to the intrusion detection system to keep watch and sound the alarm – whether silent or audible – when triggered. Many factors can be considered in choosing between silent and audible intruder alarms, ranging from police response times to the activity levels of neighboring properties. Security professionals tend to fall into one of two camps on the topic.

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    Topics: Intrusion Detection, intrusion, technology, audio surveillance, audio, security plan, LPR, alarms, license plate recognition

    Are you prepared for a power outage?

    As the active 2019 hurricane season is winding down in the Atlantic, sweeping man-made blackouts are affecting hundreds of thousands of California residents as the utility company cuts power in hopes to prevent new fires being caused by downed live utility lines. Early season snow has hit the Rockies and the Midwest, sending a reminder of the problems winter weather will soon be bringing to many throughout central U.S.

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    Topics: Natural Disaster, emergency communication system, security plan, power

    Technology spurs upgrades from mass notification to emergency communication systems

    Topics: mass notifications, Security Systems, audio, emergency communication system

    October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)

    Topics: Cybersecurity, national cybersecurity awareness month

    Tailgating is an often overlooked security risk

    Topics: Access Control, needs assessment, risk management, tailgating