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Security Solutions for Data Centers

Security 101 offers data centers first-class, enterprise-level protection of people, property, information technology equipment, and network infrastructure. Our long-standing experience in the data center sector and effective, scalable, and custom-designed physical security solutions are the perfect combination to ensure the safety of premises, hardware, software, and critical data.

Safeguard your data center

Data centers, the centralized locations of computing and networking equipment, are incessantly exposed to security threats due to the large amount of data they possess. As data is the new currency of business and IoT is becoming more prevalent, these environments remain one of the most targeted sites for malicious activity. Hence, to keep your data center running smoothly and protect its reputation, it is vital to harden premises with sophisticated physical security solutions and effective strategies.

Security 101 helps data centers prevent physical attacks, sabotage, and unauthorized access by utilizing a layered security approach that disrupts and delays any potential attack.

  • We recognize the inherent risks associated with the industry, including poor internal access procedures, cyberattacks, inconsistent audits, stand-alone monitoring systems, false alarms, and a lack of redundancy.
  • We understand the importance of implementing modern solutions, strengthening your access control system and protocols, enhancing video surveillance, and integrating 360° perimeter intrusion detection and tracking.
  • We offer you better redundancy and resilience than our competitors, support you with biometric access to compartmentalized security zones, maximize uptime and security, and minimize annual downtime, which is paramount to be rated as a Tier 3 or a Tier 4 data center.

Security 101 offers you best-in-class security integration to protect your digital and physical assets intuitively

We are data center experts

The most optimal and strategic way to safeguard your data center is to manage it in terms of layers. Although cyber security strategies are often the sole focus for purpose-built buildings, a comprehensive strategy incorporates both physical and cyber solutions and is able to deploy multiple security controls to protect the most vulnerable areas of your IT environment, where a breach or attack could occur. Reinforcing each security layer prevents unauthorized entry from the outside into the data center.

Four-layer protection that provides a defense-in-depth approach.

Perimeter securityThe first layer deters, detects, and delays any unauthorized entry at the perimeter with radars, LPR, PTZ cameras, and thermal imaging.
Facility controls — In case of any breach in the perimeter, the second layer of defense restricts access with 24/7 rigorous monitoring, actionable insights, and real-time notifications.
Cabinet controls — Besides the first three layers, we implement additional security measures in data center racks, such as electronic locks and wireless, cloud-based access control, to restrict entry, prevent insider threats, and abide by regulatory compliance.
Computer room controls —ation methods, including biometric verification.

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