Our portfolio of services is provided by a team of skilled and qualified experts, who have in-depth knowledge of security principles and processes, a comprehensive understanding of your vertical, experience in developing intricate projects, and adherence to Security 101’s core values of fanatical customer service and integrity.

National Accounts

Protect your enterprise with intelligent solutions implemented uniformly in every business location. As your chosen security partner, Security 101 goes beyond merely installing electronic security systems for your multi-site corporation. We believe simplification and optimization of security are at the core of an effective environment and aim to provide you with consistent and clear communication, assistance, and guidance long after the initial purchase and installation.


Take advantage of the extensive opportunities we offer to multi-site organizations

Our solutions permit a considerable reduction in costs and enable multi-site enterprises to effectively eliminate disparate systems, centralize monitoring, increase flexibility, and manage operations remotely, without purchasing and operating expensive capital equipment.

What our national clients have to say

With Security 101, we have found a completely reliable and devoted partner who complements our protective and anticipatory policies. Their solutions can be applied quickly and effectively to reduce/eliminate the damaging effect of the many current and future disruptions and crises in the healthcare sector.

Global Security Director

Global Security Director


Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

As our organization continues to remain vigilant at preventing weak points, we appreciate Security 101’s efforts and holistic view to ensure the integrity and accuracy of our data across all of our locations and guarantee our monitoring and reporting capabilities are entirely centralized on a common platform.

Security Director

Security Director


Global Manufacturing Company

Security 101's solution was the only enterprise-level security program capable of successfully executing the complex integration of our historically decentralized security environment. From the design, planning, and implementation to the lifecycle support, preventive maintenance, and transparent communication, we had a straightforward experience. Our disparate system is now centralized, optimized, and more resilient.




Municipal Government Agency

Customization and reducing our risk index have always been key priorities for our company. Security 101 provided us with unique services like enterprise system upgrades and remote diagnostics, which a typical security integrator tends to struggle with. In addition we benefited from high-quality customer service, a local experience, and specialized support. They certainly met our requirements and exceeded our expectations.

Risk Manager

Risk Manager


American Bank Holding Company

In one year of using Security 101, we saw a 68% decrease in IT and administrative costs. With the automation and digitization of workflows we were able to improve our operations, meet regulatory requirements, and avoid compliance penalties, saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Senior Security Executive

Senior Security Executive


Renewable Energy Organization

Security systems program management

We are committed to your needs.

That’s why we utilize a systematic and strategic approach to managing your project from start to finish.

To achieve the maximum value of your program, Security 101:
  • Applies proven solutions and best practices.
  • Coordinates, manages, and monitors security integrations.
  • Employs rigorous metrics for measuring and controlling your program.
  • Utilizes a single point of contact for your large enterprise. Our Program Managers communicate clearly and regularly with stakeholders.
  • Develops optimal solutions to program challenges.
  • Provides solutions in alignment with regulatory governance.
  • Ensures master plans and schedules are followed.

Professional services team

The Security 101 Professional Services team is a group of seasoned security professionals who are ready to handle security system projects or service needs of virtually any size. 

Our dedication to security excellence and process optimization is second-to-none.

Let us start earning your trust today. 

We can offer your multi-site enterprise with an unparalleled experience by providing:

Custom-designed solutions

Automation of workflows

Compliance reporting

Enterprise class system upgrades

Specialized integration of disparate systems

Remote diagnostics and management services

Preventative maintenance programs

Security 101® National Accounts Careers

Explore rewarding positions available across the country.

We are always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic individuals who embody our core values of exceptional customer service, unwavering integrity, and a positive work environment. With TEAM101, you'll have the chance to develop your skills and thrive in a company that strives for excellence. Let's make an impact together!

Complex security plans made easier

The 101 Advantage

We get it.

The current cyber-physical threat landscape calls for a stronger, more holistic security posture, better communication, and improved outcomes.

To better control modern threats, we offer you a strategic blend of cyber and physical security. This means you can establish formal means to achieve better protection and amplify visibility.

We provide better security at a lower cost.

Only smart businesses that spend wisely and monitor ROI closely survive in the long run. Security 101, can support your efforts of improving the security of your multi-site enterprise while reducing the capital expense recovery time.

Security environments that work harmoniously.

At Security 101, we understand that you're likely responsible for a complex organization with many layers and business units, each demanding a deep level of knowledge before any decisions about security can be made.

Very often this means those business units are secured by systems that don't integrate in the manner you need them to.

With decades of valuable experience, our Security 101 engineers and advisors are experts in creating a road map to consolidate stand-alone systems and create consistent security ecosystems across locations.

Security 101 is versed in working with a variety of industries.

In working with Fortune 500 companies and solidifying a global presence, we have developed incalculable expertise and professionalism. You can count on us to help you improve the security of your enterprise, across the U.S.

Our local teams are patient, approachable, and knowledgeable. 

From designing to executing your dream security environment, we care.

A dedicated program manager will always be ready to provide you with personalized service and the guidance your multi-site enterprise requires.

We are here to help you.

We use the smartest technologies

As a security national expert, Security 101 fully understands the current needs of enterprise-level customers.
Like you, we want to lower upfront investment costs, offer you cheaper maintenance expenses, and enhance your levels of security.

Cloud-based technologies

Managing and maintaining infrastructure could be eliminated or greatly reduced with cloud-based solutions.

When security issues are properly addressed by professionals, your organization can focus on day-to-day operations and reduce the workload of your IT team.

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI

These are fast-growing areas that are gradually becoming an integral part of any organization looking forward to taking proactive — rather than reactive — steps to augment the security of each of its locations.


With the adequate integration of Access Control as a Service, Security 101 offers your enterprise the possibility of:

  • Centrally controlling access for multiple locations — a serious, common challenge for multi-site organizations.
  • Overseeing employees among different locations.
  • Maintaining consistent safety standards across all sites.

Situational Awareness

Protect your site’s integrity

Situational awareness is a fundamental building block of a robust security ecosystem.
Amplify it with cutting-edge, efficacious technologies.

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