Best Commercial Security Solutions from a Premier Bay Area Security Company

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the liveliest urban regions in the world. Eclectic and energetic, it's one of the few places in the world where wineries, heavy industry, national parks, and tech companies can all flourish side by side. It's a beautiful place to live and work—but such prosperity comes at the cost of elevated crime rates compared to less populous locations.

Whether your business is based in the heart of savvy Silicon Valley or nestled away in one of Napa Valley's picturesque towns—or somewhere in between—having the right security system in place is vital to protecting the safety of your customers and employees and the integrity of your company. As a leading-edge Bay Area security company, our team members at Security 101 are dedicated to providing the solutions and expert support you need to protect your people, property, and profits.

Security 101 offers a full range of individualized commercial security solutions including access control, video surveillance, system integration, intrusion detection, and visitor management systems. The industries we serve include everything from healthcare and education to property management, manufacturing, government institutions, and more.


Security 101 Works Hard to Protect the Bay Area

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Customizable access control systems

Whether you're getting ready to open your doors for the first time or are expanding a pre-existing security system, having the right access control system in place is key to protecting your business from potentially dangerous intruders. Security 101 can help you:

  • Monitor who enters and leaves your building at all times, with optional remote access.
  • Keep a detailed audit trail to document and verify your business’s comings and goings.
  • Restrict entry to authorized employees and visitors only with advanced biometrics options and IoT security technology.
  • Promote a safer, cleaner "touch-free" work environment with contactless keycard entry.

Our cloud-based access control solutions are robust and flexible—they can be perfectly tailored to fit your business's unique security needs. We'll work with your team to design, engineer, and install a system that is not only secure but efficient, backed by best-in-class technology as well as expert service and support.

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Scalable video surveillance solutions

Video surveillance has come a long way since the days of analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. Our surveillance technology offers high-quality video solutions complete with heightened heat and motion sensitivity and can easily be integrated with face or license plate recognition software. What's more, as your company grows, our video solutions can easily scale up with your security needs as they change over time.

Surveillance plays a critical part in maintaining a safe work environment. If you don’t have security cameras in place, our experts can help you determine the perfect setup for your new video surveillance system. If you have a legacy system, whether it's an analog or high-definition system, we're happy to help you update or enhance your existing surveillance to optimize your building's security. Our solutions enable you to:

  • Upgrade to and integrate with state-of-the-art IP video surveillance technology.
  • Improve video surveillance management with innovative analytics software and automated alerts.
  • Easily access and search video data stored in an off-site, centralized location.
  • Manage and view your live feed remotely by logging in online.

Cutting-edge intrusion detection technology

In the event of an attempted intrusion or other illegal activity, a quick response is often critical to prevent the situation from escalating. Security 101 offers top-of-the-line intrusion detection technology you can safely rely on to alert you the moment an issue arises. Security 101 solutions ensure you can:

  • Integrate video and audio verification systems with your alarm system to enhance the overall security of your facility.
  • Access top-of-the-line detection software to bring suspicious activity to your immediate attention—without sounding costly false alarms.
  • Secure your perimeter with 24/7 protection and a robust, reliable alarm system.

As a premier Bay Area security company, we ensure our experts participate in regular training to keep up with new developments in commercial security technology. With our service and support, you'll be able to ensure your system is always up-to-date with the latest in intrusion detection software and equipment.

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Streamlined visitor management solutions

A key ingredient of good security is high visibility. Our leading-edge visitor management solutions provide easy, intuitive systems for checking in and monitoring every individual who walks through your company's doors. We make sure you can:

  • Track and record employee and visitor locations within your facility at all times.
  • Store and organize visitor data for easy future access.
  • Discourage criminal activity with transparency and preventative security measures.

Long gone are the days of sign-in sheets at the counter, which could all too easily be ignored or falsified. Swift identity verification, background checks, and more are all possible with a fully upgraded and integrated visitor management system.


Optimized system integration

One of the most exciting things about working in the commercial security industry is watching how quickly technologies change and develop over time. As technology progresses, systems must adapt and evolve to keep ahead of the curve. Our engineers and technicians are experts at implementing seamless system integration to ensure your company's safety and security are never in doubt. We are committed to ensuring:

  • Compatibility with nonproprietary, open-platform hardware and software that can easily integrate with a wide range of legacy security systems.
  • Maximized productivity by streamlining your systems and workflows.
  • Solutions that fit perfectly within your framework and your budget.

Our approach to system integration requires only a simple transition, ensuring your solution is up and running as soon as possible. And, when the time comes for the next update, we'll be there to facilitate the transition.

Bay area commercial security solutions from a company you can trust

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With the right protections in place, you can keep your business growing safely and securely. Whether you need to implement access control to increase efficiency, upgrade video surveillance options, improve your intrusion detection technology, streamline your visitor management system, or integrate multiple systems for smoother operations, you need solutions—and support—you can rely on, just as your customers and employees rely on you to keep their best interests at heart.

If you're looking for local commercial security solutions from a Bay Area security company you can trust, call Security 101 at (925) 951-0444 or reach out to us today. Before you know it, you'll be able to rest easy knowing your company — and your people — are safe.