Improve distribution center security with a cutting-edge security system

Based on the sheer size and scope of modern manufacturing and distribution centers, many traditional security systems are no longer equipped to handle their complex safety needs. Limited in layout and often filled with disconnected technologies, antiquated security solutions are unable to provide adequate coverage to the various entry points and vulnerable sections found throughout a warehouse. Without a close watch on physical entrances, inventory, and digital systems, facility operators open themselves up to the possibility of theft, sabotage, and even workplace violence. 

To maintain a productive and safe work environment, a robust security system is essential. While older systems have been rendered obsolete due to their disparate security measures, today’s systems are built for interconnectivity. By connecting all security measures within a centralized digital infrastructure, companies can get a comprehensive view of their facilities at any time. For a truly secure facility, Security 101 experts suggest upgrading security systems to include full access control, digital video surveillance, and alarm verification.

Full Access Control

Quality access control measures enable companies to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering their facilities. Using technologies like turnstiles, encrypted key cards, license plate recognition software, and smartphone applications, access control systems enable workers to freely enter approved areas while all other people are denied entry. Furthermore, operators can adjust the credentials for certain individuals so that they can enter particularly sensitive areas.

Digital Video Surveillance

Many manufacturing and distribution centers maintain long business hours to maximize efficiency. With these hours come periodic shift changes and complicated personnel movements. To ensure safety during work hours and prevent any burglaries during nonoperational periods, facility operators need 24/7 video monitoring.

At Security 101, we build our security systems with industry-leading cameras and remote viewing capabilities. If anything suspicious is detected, operators are automatically notified to aid loss prevention efforts and maintain employee safety.

Alarm Verification Services

Manufacturing and distribution center security solutions ensure facility security by employing intrusion detection technologies in sensitive areas. While these precautions are an effective way to discover intruders, motion and audio sensors are not impervious to sounding off false alarms. Security 101 helps companies avoid these problems with alarm verification services. By using cutting-edge video and audio technologies, Security 101’s security systems automatically verify the validity of tripped alarms, ensuring that help is only called in necessary situations.