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Known for its rich music heritage, pleasant weather, thriving businesses, bustling nightlife, and beautiful parks, Oakland has a unique culture that makes it an iconic fixture in California. In a business sense, Oakland also attracts some of the most innovative and successful businesses in the country. Major enterprises like Clorox and Blue Shield are headquartered in the city, as are a number of rising companies and creative start-ups.

Despite all of Oakland’s great characteristics, the city also has its fair share of problems—including crime. Property crime, in particular, is an issue that can have a grave impact on local businesses and their assets. Additionally, it can negatively impact local employees’ feelings of safety and security in the workplace. Fortunately, Oakland organizations can fortify themselves against external and internal threats with the help of Security 101. As a trusted Oakland security company, Security 101 employs a top-notch team with the knowledge and experience necessary to design, install, and maintain security systems for companies of all sizes.

How Security 101 keeps Oakland businesses safe

From global enterprises to small businesses, proper security is a must for any organization. As a top Oakland security company, Security 101 partners with each client to design new security solutions or works to upgrade/augment existing systems. With Security 101’s cutting-edge security solutions in place, companies can rest assured that their employees and assets are protected.

When companies partner with Security 101, they receive guidance on building a custom, comprehensive security solution that can include:

Security 101’s systems are built using the latest access control technology. Utilizing measures like encrypted smart cards, biometric scanners, and innovative touchless security solutions, our access control systems empower businesses to protect themselves against all intruders. By integrating access control into a larger IT structure, Security 101’s systems allow users to efficiently provide credentials to authorized individuals while keeping all unauthorized people away from the premises.

In the event where an intruder tries to circumvent an access control system, Security 101’s intrusion detection technology is there to sound the alarm. Motion sensors, door contacts, communication control equipment and more are all used to quickly detect intruders before they can engage in any dangerous or illegal activity. With the help of intrusion detection measures, companies can protect both their assets and employees from harm.

No security system is complete without reliable video surveillance. Security 101 uses industry-leading camera systems that provide companies with a variety of cutting-edge tools. Although cameras have been used for decades to discover and deter criminal behavior, today’s modern video solutions provide users with more benefits, including:

  • Remote viewing capabilities for 24/7 surveillance from any location.
  • Alarm verification services to eliminate costly false alarms and ensure that help arrives only when needed. 
  • Video Analytics software to automatically detect suspicious activity or threatening patterns of behavior.

Whether a client wants to upgrade their antiquated analog video system or build a new system from scratch, the Security 101 team can help create customized security solutions designed for each client’s specific safety needs. And, our services don’t stop at the design phase—our expert team offers installation and system integration services as well as maintenance services to keep your security system running reliably for years to come.

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Oakland is a beautiful, thriving city and the companies based here deserve to enjoy their surroundings without being concerned about the safety of their assets or employees. With the help of Security 101, this goal can become a reality—with customized security solutions that include state-of-the-art access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance that protect businesses and their employees.

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