How do we keep data centers secure?

Data centers are a vital part of most modern organizations. Within a data center lies the organization’s IT infrastructure, offering users the ability to store, process, recover, and backup important data. As such, data centers are critical to daily organizational operations, and therefore, must be protected at all times.

To keep data centers truly secure, companies must fortify their infrastructure from both external and internal threats. Fortunately, Security 101 specializes in developing, installing, and maintaining client-custom systems, many of which include data center physical security measures.

By partnering with Security 101, organizations can protect their data centers using physical access control, video monitoring, and preventative maintenance.

Physical Access Control

Access control is the foundation of data center security. Simply put, access control systems allow operators to restrict access to certain parts of a facility to allow only authorized individuals to enter. Using measures like smart cards, biometric authentication, and innovative touchless technologies, Security 101 can design an access control system that fortifies a data center against intruders.

Video Monitoring

24/7 video surveillance enables companies to have a complete overview of their data center at all times. At Security 101, we use video monitoring systems that incorporate best-in-class cameras, audio technology, and analytic software. With these measures, not only are users provided with automatic alerts to suspicious activity, but the system can actually verify whether an alert is legitimate or not. Complete with remote log-in capabilities, the video surveillance systems we use enable companies to keep a constant eye on their most important assets. 

Preventative Maintenance

To ensure that every client’s data center is always protected, Security 101 offers top-of-the-line preventive maintenance. Our support team consists of factory-trained technicians with extensive experience in system testing, certification, and repair. We hold our staff to the highest standards and always arrange for regularly scheduled maintenance inspections. In the event of an emergency, we also guarantee that they are available any time of day via phone, web portal, or an in-person visit if necessary.