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We work with enterprises both large and small to create customizable, integrated security solutions that fit our client’s specific security needs. Whether we are working with a small brewery in Redwood City, a property management company in San Jose, or a healthcare facility in Oakland, our innovative security solutions can protect local businesses and their employees from risks like vandalism, theft, and violence.

At Security 101, we offer comprehensive commercial security services that include the design, installation, and maintenance of custom security systems. Utilizing the latest in access control and surveillance technology from industry-leading manufacturers, our commercial security services help keep facilities and workers protected.

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Access control solutions

The foundational building block of a solid security system is access control. Regardless of whether an organization is spread out on multiple sites or operating in a single building, it’s essential to regulate who is permitted entry onto the premises. To ensure worker safety and protect company assets, Security 101 offers custom-built access control solutions that are intuitive to use and provide extensive workplace protection.

The concept behind access control is simple: authorized personnel are provided with the means necessary to enter a facility while all unauthorized individuals are securely kept out. In decades past, most access control systems utilized encrypted key cards and fobs to allow authorized entry. Today, these tools are more effective than ever due to technological advances including:

Secure encryption

Security 101 uses cards and fobs outfitted with 13.56 MHz chips. Compared to older, lower frequency transmitters, these newer chips offer a higher level of security due to end-to-end information encryption. This keeps sensitive information secure and ensures secure communication between access control devices and systems, preventing unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

Remote system access

In an event in which a system operator needs to adjust user credentials or initiate a lockdown, remote access streamlines the entire process. Through modern security integration, operators can make instant security adjustments through the use of a computer or smartphone. For enterprise operations, this integration also prevents security blind spots, as remote access can apply to the entire system even when it spans multiple facilities.

In addition to traditional smart cards and fobs, organizations can also choose to outfit their facilities with innovative touchless access control solutions—a convenient and hygienic option. Operating with the same principle as other access control solutions, touchless access control keeps facilities secure through the use of contact-free measures including:

Replacing the use of physical key cards and fobs, smartphone-based systems authenticate users through downloadable applications. Utilizing technology from industry-leading companies like Avigilon ALTA (formerly Openpath), these systems are convenient for users and operators alike, as credentials are always on one’s person and instantly accessible.
While biometric access control systems used to be prohibitively expensive for most companies, that is not the case today. Fortunately, recent technological advancements have made these systems widely available to companies through authorized sellers. For those who desire an extra layer of security in their facility, biometric measures like facial recognition software and retinal scanning technology are a great option.
Strategically placed at the entrances of parking garages and secured lots, License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems analyze the license plates of approaching vehicles to verify if the passengers are allowed to enter the premises or not. All approved license plates are logged in an enterprise-wide database, ensuring that all information is up to date and accurate. With LPR systems, users never have to worry about remembering their credentials and operators can forego the need to print decals or issue physical cards.

The best commercial surveillance systems

Video surveillance has been an integral part of security for well over half a century. After all, camera presence alone is often enough to prevent many commercial property crimes, as the video system deters criminals by letting them know that security professionals have a 24/7 view of the entire property. Of course, modern video systems do much more than just scare criminals off and record daily activities.

Like access control, video surveillance has greatly benefitted from recent technological advancements. At Security 101, we build our video systems using the latest technology to provide users with:

Remote viewing capabilities

System operators no longer need to be in an on-premises security operations center (SOC) to view facility video feeds. Thanks to reliable wireless networks, operators can get instant security updates and view live video from anywhere — and at any time through a computer or smartphone.

Intrusion detection and alarm verification services

Through the use of onsite motion sensors, microphones, and door contacts, intrusion detection systems identify intruders and sound off alarms to stop them. However, if a false alarm contacts the authorities, it can lead to expensive consequences. To prevent these scenarios, Security 101’s video systems automatically verify if an alarm was legitimately tripped or not. If validated, the authorities are contacted. 

Software analytics

With the help of advanced analytics software, Security 101’s video systems are not only able to detect crimes in progress, but they are also able to predict crimes by detecting suspicious behavior. To do so, the software analyzes real-time behavior and crowd locations in comparison to recorded logs to uncover any out-of-the-ordinary actions. If suspicious behavior is detected, security professionals are automatically notified.

Commercial security system installation and maintenance

After our engineering team designs a security system, our installation team personally visits the client’s site to install each component. Made up of factory-trained technicians, our installation team has the knowledge and experience necessary to set up and integrate the security system in a quick, reliable manner. After initially installing the system, the team also performs all the testing and certification required to comply with government regulations, the manufacturer's specifications, and organizational policies.

In addition to this initial support, our team is right beside clients every step of the way, providing comprehensive training and as-built documentation to ensure clients truly understand how their system works. For ongoing success, our team also provides regular maintenance services and ongoing support to answer any questions or resolve urgent problems.

We understand that the security needs of large organizations can be complex and unique. As part of our commercial security services, we also provide solutions catered to the security needs of large enterprises including:

Security 101 is the Bay Area’s best source for security management solutions and commercial security services

Security 101 is dedicated to giving businesses the right tools to stay protected, and access control systems play an instrumental role in this mission. For each solution, we work step-by-step with the client to develop a system that meets all their requirements. Our certified technicians then install this system, providing documentation throughout the process to ensure that the client has a full understanding of how it is laid out and how it operates. If any issues are encountered, our 24-hour service fleet is ready to supply an effective resolution.

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