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Why Security 101 Recommends
Openpath’s Access Control Technology


At Security 101, one of the Bay Area’s premier security companies, we pride ourselves on using the best software and hardware to build customized safety solutions for enterprises of all sizes. We know first-hand that every organization has its own unique safety needs. Any attempt to create a one-size-fits-all solution will inevitably fall short of complete security coverage, leaving facilities vulnerable to the possibility of intruders, thefts, and even violence. That is why we design our systems with direct client input and a close eye towards how we can improve any existing security measures.

Our expert design team builds each custom system using technology from a range of industry-leading manufacturers, and Openpath is one of our most reliable and trusted partners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 2016, Openpath quickly made a name for itself by offering innovative cloud-based access control solutions. Intuitive, remotely accessible, and reliable, Openpath’s technology has become a staple in Security 101’s security solutions. To show clients why we choose this company time and again, here is our objective Openpath access control review.

An Avigilon Alta (Formerly Openpath) access control review: The benefits of Openpath technology

Openpath specializes in providing touchless access control solutions. As opposed to traditional access control systems that utilize methods such as fobs or key cards, touchless solutions don’t require users to make contact with a reader. Instead, touchless solutions use alternative technologies that eliminate physical touch for enhanced speed, convenience, and hygiene. For Openpath, the method of choice is smartphone-based access control.

Using Openpath’s systems, authorized users can simply use a mobile app to gain facility access. The application provides users with digital badges that are customized by a security manager and the unified cloud-based system enables operators to easily add, delete, or alter individual levels of access at a moment’s notice.

Beyond instant credential editing, Openpath’s cloud-based access control system also benefits operators by offering:

Real-time reporting of all entry data, including automatic alerts to suspicious activity.
Remote access to lockdown capabilities for the most proactive emergency responses possible.
Patented Triple Unlock technology to ensure a fast, convenient unlocking experience with 99.9% reliability, even when the internet is down.
Offline functionality, so even if the facility’s internet fails, the system remains operational, and syncs once connectivity is restored.
End-to-end encryption for comprehensive protection at every level.

How Security 101 uses Openpath technology to benefit our clients

Not only do Openpath’s reliable security products ensure a high level of safety, but their scalable components also make them versatile enough to protect both smaller facilities and large, multi-site enterprises.

Individual Facilities

Using Openpath’s mobile-based access control technology, our security system design team is able to build systems that protect every entry point within a facility and allow operators to quickly administer or revoke access credentials. This means that new employees can be quickly and conveniently granted access and security managers can instantly revoke access for threatening personnel. By implementing these measures, companies can prevent workplace violence, theft, and vandalism to create a safe environment for all workers.

Enterprise Protection

Whether you want to replace an old video surveillance system or install a brand new system for the first time, Security 101 is the one-stop solution to all your commercial surveillance needs in and around San Francisco, CA.

As a part of our service package, we offer the following services to ensure that the whole surveillance system is installed properly and is ready to be used:

  • Security camera units and video surveillance
  • Cabling and wiring throughout the property
  • Network video recorder
  • Storage units such as hard drives

Case Study: Sierra Pacific Properties

Longtime Security 101 client Sierra Pacific Properties needed to update their access control system to create something more scalable and comprehensive. Our installation team was able to completely redo the system at their 1200 Concord office campus using Openpath technology, providing them with a flexible system that met their unique security needs. Read more about how we used Openpath technology to protect Sierra Pacific Properties in this case study.

Read the full Openpath® Case Study

Fortify your facility with Openpath access control technology

After working with them closely since we first opened our doors, we can say with confidence that Openpath’s access control technology stacks up against anything else in the industry. For that reason, we regularly recommend their products when developing our own client-specific security solutions. Our expert design, installation, and maintenance teams can install their touchless access control solutions to fortify any business from security threats.

If you’re looking for Openpath access control installation from a Bay Area security company you can trust, call Security 101 at (925) 951-0444 or reach out to us today. Before you know it, you'll be able to rest easy knowing your company—and your people—are safe.