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Security Integration

What is a security integrator?

A security integrator is the person or entity that coordinates and unifies various security subsystems in a harmonious, efficient manner to help others prevent risks, counter ever-increasing physical and cyber threats, and improve response efficacy.

Security Integration

Why should I hire a security integrator?

A security integrator is essential to harden the security of your business, assess your security needs, design a detailed security environment to address the safety requirements and wants of your organization, install customized solutions (including hardware, software, and networks), train your people to utilize these systems, and provide you with ongoing support and preventive maintenance.

Security Integration

What makes Security 101 the ideal integrator of my physical security systems?

Security 101 adds value, security, and efficiency to your site by offering custom-built solutions using best-in-class technologies and providing “fanatical” customer service and ongoing support.

Security Integration

What vertical markets does Security 101 work with?

The Security 101 nationwide network of offices are highly capable of specialization within major vertical markets, including national / global accounts, healthcare, higher education, workplace management, manufacturing and distribution, local government, biotech and pharma, transportation, utilities, data centers, and many more.

Access Control

What is physical access control?

Physical access control are the solutions and strategies that regulate who, what, and when can access a physical environment in order to minimize risks to the business or organization.

Access Control

What types of access control can I get for my business?

Among the most effective solutions are cloud-based, biometric, and mobile access control. These technologies have the capacity to offer a touchless experience, be integrated with other systems (visitor management, video surveillance, and more) and improve the security throughout your site.

Access Control

What is cloud-based access control?

A cloud-based access control solution stores data in the cloud rather than on-site; this allows you to avoid the expensive costs of on-premise data storage and offers exceptional flexibility, adaptability, and functionality as the needs of your business evolve.

Access Control

What are the benefits of an advanced access control system?

The benefits of a modern and effective access control system are:

  • Improved employee access.
  • User convenience.
  • Optimization of traffic flows.
  • Less disruptions of workflows and productivity.
  • Increased visibility with real-time monitoring.
  • Seamless integration with other security systems.
  • Protection against unauthorized access 24/7/365.
  • Elimination of obsolete methods for managing access, like traditional keys.
  • Remote, centralized control (creating, updating, deleting permissions)
  • Touchless, healthy access control alternatives
  • Peace of mind.

Video Surveillance

What is video surveillance?

Video surveillance is the act of observing a scene with the goal of detecting anomalous or dangerous behaviors. For it to be effective, it must include strategic and deliberate placement of smart cameras, intelligent monitoring of motion and activity, real-time alerts, ample storage, and the capacity to transmit and share footage.

Video Surveillance

What are the benefits of IP cameras over analog systems?

Besides offering better resolution and image quality, IP-powered video surveillance systems can strengthen the protection of your building, employees, and assets with greater accessibility, flexibility, and coverage.

Video Surveillance

What is cloud-based video surveillance?

Video surveillance stored in the cloud means that video data storage is done remotely, on the cloud, rather than on-prem. Compared to traditional video surveillance, this technology can improve your storage capacity and ability to share, save, and export data. It provides you with remote, indefinite access, greater visibility, and lower upfront costs.

Video Surveillance

What are the benefits of an advanced video surveillance system?

The benefits of a modern and effective video surveillance system are:

  • Prevention of crime - Video surveillance deters crime. When cameras are visible, criminals are discouraged from committing illicit acts.
  • Optimal security - IP cameras must be integrated into a robust security system to actively protect your facility.
  • Safer working environments - Avoid workplace violence with sophisticated video technologies.
  • Remote monitoring — Our advanced solutions will let you check remotely on any of your security cameras at any time.
  • Deterrence against theft and employee misconduct.
  • Prevention of mistakes — Inventory errors or deceitful deliveries can be caught on a security camera and fixed.
  • Optimization of workflows — Deliberately monitoring operations can enhance the productivity of your employees and increase the efficiency of processes within your organization.
  • Peace of mind - The appropriate video surveillance solution can take a lot of stress off of you and give you peace of mind.

Intrusion Detection

What is an intrusion detection system?

An intrusion detection system is the set of solutions that effectively deter, detect, and deny the presence of an intruder attempting to breach the physical limits of a property, building, or secured area.

The perimeter of your business should be well maintained and provide a strong first line of defense and a clear warning to criminals to prevent violations. Security managers are advised to boost the safety of the entire building with advanced intrusion detection systems.

Intrusion Detection

What are the main components of an intrusion detection system?

  • Thermal cameras
  • Alarm verification services
  • Smart sensors (motion, sound, glass-break, and gunshot, among others)
  • Physical barriers
  • Real-time alerts
  • Automatic lockdowns
  • Adequate communications

Intrusion Detection

What are concentric circles of security?

Applying the principle of concentric circles (security in depth) ensures that you use multiple layers or rings of security to increase the protection of your site. The first layer is located at the boundary of the business, and additional layers are provided as you move inward through the building toward the high-value assets.

These concentric circle layers require an intruder to penetrate a series of obstacles in order to reach his goal. The more layers that exist between the outside world and a high-value asset, the better the security of your organization.

Intrusion Detection

What are the benefits of an advanced intrusion detection system?

The benefits of a modern and effective intrusion detection system are:

  • Better intrusion management. Detect and track intruders automatically and in real time.
  • Increased security. We help you strengthen the security of your site with advanced motion detectors and sensor technologies and by applying the principles of concentric circles of security (security in depth).
  • Less false alarms. False alarms can result in expensive penalties and alarm fatigue or the desensitization to an excessive number of alerts, which can seriously compromise your business safety.
  • Prevention of break-ins and business damages — Assuming a proactive posture to prevent criminal activity against your people and assets is critical.
  • Relevant data. Video analytics can provide an audit trail of events to help you customize your system and determine weak points.
  • Integration — Our team of security professionals can integrate your intrusion detection solution with other technologies, such as mass notification, video surveillance, and access control systems for centralized management and added protection.
  • Peace of mind. The appropriate intrusion detection solution can take a lot of stress off of you and give you peace of mind.

Visitor Management

What is a visitor management system?

A visitor management system is a technology that streamlines and automates the check-in and check-out process for visitors in order to improve security and efficiency within an organization.

Visitor Management

What are the benefits of an advanced visitor management system?

The benefits of a modern and effective visitor management solution are:

  • Faster visitor registration. Get rid of obsolete methods. Security 101 offers you a quick yet precise solution for guest enrollment to reduce wait times, delays, and unnecessary vulnerabilities.
  • Increased security. We help strengthen the security of your site with a modern visitor management system that lets you determine access credentials for each visitor with as much details and specifications as required.
  • Streamlined visitor operations. Outdated paper logs and manual procedures are costly, inefficient, and burdensome;an advanced visitor management solution addresses these challenges.
  • Improved visitor tracking — Security 101 offers visitor management systems that are synchronized and automatic. Therefore, it is now possible to track live / recorded visitor movements throughout your organization.
  • Advanced visitor data. Visitor data is critical to support trackability. You’ll be able to access check-in and check-out data, current location, and movements with accuracy.
  • Integration — Our team of security professionals can integrate your visitor management solution with other technologies, such as mass notification, video surveillance, and access control systems for centralized management and added protection.
  • Peace of mind. The appropriate visitor management solution can take a lot of stress off of you and give you peace of mind.

Integrated Systems

What are integrated security systems?

Integrated security systems are a multi-layered approach that merges different solutions(e.g., video surveillance, access control, video analytics, etc.) and simplifies manageability by unifying physical and logical security to boost operational efficiency, elevate your safety posture, protect people and data, and improve your response and recovery after an incident.

Integrated Systems

What are the benefits of an advanced integrated security system?

The benefits of a modern integrated security solution are:

  • Efficiency — Centralized management and added protection will allow institutions of any size to flourish by highlighting bottlenecks, deterring crime, and identifying safety hazards before they become emergencies.
  • Real time monitoring — An integrated security system and improved data management are valuable ways to prevent vandalism and minimize damage. When IP cameras are integrated, license plates, faces, and other important information can be identified to help you respond more appropriately to any situation.
  • Increased protection — Protecting employees and visitors requires a deliberate convergence of physical and logical security. Access control and visitor management systems (physical security) keeps them safe by allowing only authorized individuals into the building. Logical security and protocols can protect their computers and data from unauthorized access.
  • Faster ROI — An integrated security system is easier to maintain and keep updated. When all security components are unified, fewer human and technological resources are needed, resulting in a faster ROI.
  • Securing the data — An integral part of securing your information is the unification of physical and logical security solutions. This simplifies the manageability of your security infrastructure, elevates visibility, prevents security breaches, and offers a platform to manage the response and recovery after an incident occurs.
  • Peace of mind. The appropriate integrated security system can take a lot of stress off of you and give you peace of mind.

Integrated Systems

What technologies can be integrated?

Some of the solutions that can be unified by Security 101 are:

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Visitor Management
  • Managed Access Control
  • Managed Video
  • Physical Security
  • Situational Awareness Technologies

Managed Access Control

What is managed access control?

Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) is a solution that simplifies your security as it allows access control processes to be easily streamlined, especially when properly integrated with other security systems.

The solution is managed by Security 101 or a trusted strategic partner so you don't have to worry about supervising or operating it. You can count on Security 101 for all the day-to-day tasks required.

Managed Access Control

What are the benefits of adopting managed access control?

The benefits are:

  • Freedom — A managed access control system, cloud-based or hybrid, is the ideal solution corporations of any size need in order to dramatically enhance their ability to secure staff, assets, and property.
  • Simplicity — Employees are able to use cards, biometric, or smartphone credentials to gain access to each building in a simple, comfortable process.
  • Scalability — Our system is vastly scalable, allowing security teams and administrators to easily add new doors or even locations as they grow. Moreover, it offers increased redundancy and protection. 
  • Reliability — With Security 101, your access control system is competently administered by our expert and seasoned security professionals, who will help you manage doors and permissions automatically 24/7/365.
  • Cost savings — By implementing managed access control services, your business will be able to reduce the likelihood of expensive false alarms, eliminate the need for re-keying and changing locks, experience improved response times, and have access to critical data, which is necessary to face threats appropriately. 
  • Peace of mind — The appropriate managed access control system can take a lot of stress off of you and give you peace of mind.

Managed Access Control

How can cloud-based access control systems elevate employee experience and safety?

Today’s employees expect a smooth, automated experience in their workplace. A smart office that provides staff with enough flexibility and functionality to effectively do their job is key. 

Cloud-based access control solutions that use mobile access or biometrics help personnel feel safer and more comfortable, as it frees them up from the constraints of traditional systems. For instance, an expert professional integrator, like Security 101, is able to eliminate the need for employees to carry — or remember — their credentials.

Managed Access Control

When would it be necessary to utilize a hybrid approach?

With a hybrid alternative, security teams and directors modernize their access control system at their own pace, scale as the need arises, and decide what installations are a better fit for the cloud and what other applications should stay on-premises.

A hybrid approach is ideal when a business is not ready to fully switch to the cloud or strict data storage policies prevent the move.

Managed Video

What is managed video surveillance?

A managed video security solution provides video surveillance monitoring and alerts, equipment maintenance, video storage, and ongoing technical support to prevent crime, reduce liabilities, and improve response time.

When management of video is outsourced to experts, financial and human resources can be invested in areas of the business that would otherwise be neglected. Utilizing a reliable video management service also leads to the full utilization of installed hardware, and the optimization of energy and power.

Managed Video

What are the key benefits of adopting managed video surveillance?

The benefits are:

  • Crime prevention — You will be able to prevent crime, deter threatening activity, and reduce security incident response time, all while you focus on your core business functions.
  • Extensive experience — Your system will be built, configured, set-up, operated, and tested by experienced security professionals. Our qualified agents understand the risks you face daily and keep an eye on your premises to continuously meet your security needs.
  • Capable — Our operators are able to challenge suspects directly using the effective voice-down capability, which is exponentially more potent than just a siren sounding and applied to evict wanderers, warn suspects, or enforce corporate protocols.
  • Documentation — Managed video services can help you capture suspicious activity and incidents for optimal oversight. 
  • Cost savings — With managed video services, your business will be able to reduce hardware requirements, training, and maintenance costs and increase their Return on Investment (ROI). The typical capital expense recovery time frame is less than 1-year.
  • Peace of mind — Appropriately managed video surveillance can take a lot of stress off of you and give you peace of mind.

Managed Video

What type of organizations can benefit from adopting a managed video solution?

Regardless of size or type, all organizations can have access to valuable advantages when utilizing managed video. This solution can support the security efforts of multi-site enterprises and businesses in the healthcare, education, manufacturing, workplace management, and government industries, among others.

Physical Security

What is physical security?

Physical security is the protection of people, assets, and data from physical actions and events that could cause serious loss or damage to a site.

Physical Security

What are the three main components of a physical security system?

The physical security framework is made up of four main components: deterrence, detection, delay, and response. Together, these security factors work to ensure total protection and safety.

Physical Security

What are the most common threats to physical security?

The most challenging threats to your physical security system are: theft and burglary, vandalism, natural disasters, terrorism or sabotage, and workplace violence.

Physical Security

What are the benefits of an advanced physical security system?

The benefits of a modern and effective physical security system are:

  • Seamless system integration
  • Unauthorized entry prevention
  • Easy escape mechanisms for occupants of a building during emergencies
  • Peace of mind that doors are closed and controlled at all times
  • Multi-floor facilities safeguarded effortlessly
  • Enhanced and secure flow of people into your organization

Cyber Security

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the collection of practices and tools to protect systems, processes, people, networks, programs, and sensitive data from digital attacks or cyberthreats. An optimal solution is the deliberate convergence of physical (i.e., video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection) and logical security technologies and best practices.

Cyber Security

Do I need to be concerned about data security?

Yes. Threats against vulnerable systems of big, medium, and small-sized businesses are real and happening constantly. Negative effects can also extend to your physical security, compromising your safety systems and devices.

Cyber Security

What are the biggest cybersecurity challenges a business could potentially face?

Some serious cybersecurity threats right now include:

  1. Malware or malicious software, such as spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms.
  2. Phishing attacks, which use fake communications to trick the receiver into opening it and carrying out the instructions inside with the goal of maliciously accessing sensitive data.
  3. Password attacks that could steal a wealth of information.

Cyber Security

How can I protect my data from cyber threats?

Getting prepared to face attacks with the right solutions, including physical security technologies, is the most important line of defense, in addition to learning more about the subject. We offer you valuable insights and resources to help you understand what it takes to protect your company from cyberthreats.

Cyber Security

Can physical security reduce exposure to cyberthreats?

Yes. Physical security protects cybersecurity by limiting access to spaces where data is stored. Preventing unauthorized persons from entering your site with modern video surveillance and access control systems can safeguard your intellectual property and information.

Cyber Security

What is the role of device hardening in mitigating cybersecurity threats?

Hardware and devices should be properly hardened with effective techniques to prevent cyber risks, mitigate liabilities, and outsmart hackers. Cyber and physical security cannot be treated as standalone functions. On the contrary, physical and digital domains should reflect the current interconnected condition of the world and converge strategically to offer utmost protection.

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