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Access Control for Healthcare

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The Best Healthcare Security Solutions
in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Area is home to many cutting-edge healthcare facilities. From pharmaceutical companies creating life-saving medicines to highly ranked hospitals and medical schools—San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland medical facilities work hard to keep the Bay Area healthy.

At Security 101, we believe the tireless staff of medical facilities deserve a security system that works as hard as they do. We provide the Bay Area with innovative healthcare security solutions including access control systems, visitor management solutions, video surveillance technology, and intrusion detection services to safeguard local healthcare facilities.

Secure medical facilities with comprehensive healthcare security solutions

Securing healthcare facilities— protecting expensive equipment, powerful medications, and vulnerable patients—is an ongoing concern in the healthcare industry. Medical personnel are busy saving lives—the last thing staff should be concerned about is a security threat.

There are a lot of moving parts involved in protecting a large, complex medical facility, and Security 101’s comprehensive, customizable security solutions provide the security systems necessary to safeguard facilities’ people and property.

Access control and visitor management for healthcare facilities

A key aspect to the security of a healthcare facility is the implementation of a quality access control and visitor management system. Whether it is an emergency room entrance or a pharmaceutical supply cabinet, healthcare organizations’ key entry points must be monitored and controlled.

Security 101 provides integrated, customized security solutions, including:

Encoded smart cards—a “touch-free” option to minimize germ spread, provide customizable clearance, and track visitors.
License plate recognition (LPR) to analyze license plate information at parking lot/garage entry access points.
Biometric authentication, including facial-recognition, fingerprint scanners, and retinal systems.
Mobile-based access for a convenient, low-maintenance access control option.

Detect security threats with surveillance and intrusion detection solutions

Healthcare facilities are bustling places.To ensure that no security threat slips through the cracks, it is vital that video surveillance and intrusion detection systems are in place. Security 101 offers the following solutions:

IP video surveillance technology, including remote control cameras and searchable video data stored in an off-site, centralized location.
Door alarms to alert staff of intruders in key security areas and differentiation between "false alarms" and real threats through cutting-edge AI technology.
Integrated audio systems, allowing operators to listen in through microphones installed alongside cameras or broadcast audio to deter potential intruders.

Case Study: Security 101 streamlines pharmaceutical company’s servers for a cost-effective solution

An excellent example of how Security 101 can optimize security for healthcare facilities is displayed in our recent work with a global, Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company.

With operations in 60 countries and 50 standalone servers in America, this company’s access control was site-based and all systems operated independently of each other. If a departing employee had authorized access to a site that was not their “home location”, the other sites did not receive the information that the departing employee’s access needed to be discontinued once they left the company.

This lack of integration and communication resulted in a significant security risk. To mitigate this, Security 101 consolidated every company server into just 2 servers in the U.S. We also implemented three clouds across four continents so all sites could access and share the same data. Not only did this solution prevent dangerous miscommunications, it also saved over $900,000 in administrative, implementation, and maintenance costs, as there was no longer an on-site server to maintain and ID cards and reader technology were streamlined.

Protect healthcare facilities with Security 101’s customizable security solutions

Bay Area healthcare facilities can hand over the daunting responsibility of securing their medical site to Security 101. Our experts have years of experience working closely with clients to design, install, and maintain customized, comprehensive healthcare security solutions that serve the unique needs of each healthcare facility we work with.

If you’re looking for local healthcare security solutions from a Bay Area security company you can trust, call Security 101 at (925) 403-4955 or reach out to us today. Before you know it, you'll be able to rest easy knowing your company—and your people—are safe.

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