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Customizable Surveillance System Solutions 

Commercial surveillance is imperative for protecting businesses. Considering rising crime rates and thefts in places like San Francisco, commercial security cameras are necessary to monitor commercial goods.

As William Saroyan once put it, “If you’re alive, you can’t be bored in San Francisco. If you’re not alive, San Francisco will bring you to life.” People are always coming and going in the Golden City, and when a business is trying to protect its people, property, and profits, it can be a real source of stress trying to keep track of everyone who walks through their doors.

Unless, of course, the right security system is in place.

Security 101 specializes in providing best-in-class commercial security camera system installation services. Our Bay Area technicians have all the training and experience necessary to install new surveillance systems smoothly and efficiently, regardless of whether a business needs to combine old and new elements or requires an entirely new solution.


Commercial security systems for San Francisco businesses

Commercial Security Systems raise the alarm when they detect suspicious activities. Of course, the quality of your security camera installation will determine the efficacy of your surveillance system. Most modern Bay Area and San Francisco video surveillance systems come with standard features.

If you want to hire services related to commercial security camera system installation in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Security 101. We provide a full range of installation services in the region.

Commercial security camera system installation services

Installing a commercial security camera system is an intricate process. If you want pristine surveillance coverage throughout your commercial building, hire  trained professionals for the job. 

Our Security Set-Up 

Our installation services include not only the set-up of the camera units but also the construction of storage systems, cabling and wiring, and any additional components that your camera manufacturer provided you for the safe and sound security of your establishment. 

Commercial Security System Installation for The Bay Area 

Whether you want to replace an old video surveillance system or install a brand new system for the first time, Security 101 is the one-stop solution to all your commercial surveillance needs in and around San Francisco, CA.

As a part of our service package, we offer the following services to ensure that the whole surveillance system is installed properly and is ready to be used:

  • Security camera units and video surveillance
  • Cabling and wiring throughout the property 
  • Network video recorder 
  • Storage units such as hard drives

Protect Your Business with CCTV Video Surveillance 

If you want to have a well-functioning commercial security CCTV video surveillance system on your property, then contact the experienced specialists at Security 101.  If you want to learn how we can help you with sound commercial security and video surveillance, contact our excellent customer service and learn how we help keep local businesses safe from malicious elements with effective security camera systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

FAQs About Commercial Security Camera System Installations in the San Francisco Bay area, CA

How much does security camera installation cost?

The cost of security camera installation can depend on various factors, such as the equipment that is being set up, the total number of components that need to be set up, and the size of the property that needs to be put under surveillance. There might be additional service charges involved as well. Call us for a comprehensive, complimentary assessment of your current security environment and our recommendations. From cloud-based solutions to on premise solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Your areas of coverage will depend on the size of the lens and type of camera installed. Some security surveillance equipment has a greater or lesser range. The size of the lens is very important for surveillance coverage of large spaces (warehouses, parking lots and structures, and power plants or photovoltaic parks). 

The size of the sensor also plays a role. The larger the sensor, the more light will enter and the greater the viewing angle. The lens and sensor tell us the range in meters (how far it goes) and the opening angle (the width of the image). It is vital to use surveillance equipment with the latest technology. 

Each lens is different. Infrared lenses provide night vision. This may be essential in spaces that are poorly lit. These types of lenses incorporate infrared lights and simple cameras. You can support these lenses with an infrared focus. 

Differences Between Thermal Lenses and Infrared Lenses

Thermal lenses work by reacting to the heat radiation that a body emits. Thermal lenses are a good option for discreet surveillance in dimly lit environments. They also provide sufficient image resolution for the security guard to identify the suspect in question. If you do not have lighting problems in your company, you will not have the extra cost of an infrared or thermal lens. Speak with a lens professional today about securing your business with the right camera system. 

If you want a security surveillance system installed in your business properties, you have to choose between wired and wireless security camera units. Both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages to offer. Wireless cameras are much easier to install and are more flexible than their wired counterparts. 

However, wired systems are reliable in terms of stability. The security cameras in commercial buildings are more prone to theft than the ones in homes. So if you need to have a surveillance system installed, we would advise you to look for wired surveillance camera options.

If you’re looking for local commercial security camera system installation services from a Bay Area security company you can trust, call Security 101 at (925) 403-4955 or reach out to us today. Before you know it, you'll be able to rest easy knowing your company—and your people—are safe.

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