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Security Solutions for Utilities

Utility entities are dependent on capable physical security solutions and solid protocols, custom-designed to protect their infrastructure from crime. By prioritizing the security of facilities and equipment and deploying a holistic defense approach, your utilities organization will be able to resist security breaches, vandalism, and terrorist attacks successfully and continue operating, even in the event of an emergency.

The seven layers of defense in depth

The utilities sector delivers vital services to communities and plays a critical role in economic and social development. This makes generating facilities, substations, utility companies, and other structures dedicated to the transmission of energy — including electricity, natural gas, oil, water — and other resources an attractive target for criminals who intend to cause disruption and incalculable damage.

Some threats are persistent. For instance, copper theft has been affecting U.S. critical infrastructure and representing a risk to both public safety and national security for years. Nevertheless, new concerns, such as cyberterrorism and IoT menaces, have recently emerged, drastically increasing this industry's known vulnerabilities.

In order to protect assets and installations and ensure business continuity, a custom-built, unified security strategy is essential. Security 101 is an utilities industry expert and can support public service corporations in achieving performance goals by maximizing their levels of security, functionality, and compliance while preventing disparities and discrepancies.

We understand the importance of applying the concept of Defense in Depth to enhance the protection of utility plants against various threats. Defense in Depth requires the robust integration of physical security and perimeter defense solutions, as part of its seven-layer approach, which consists of:

  • Policies, procedures, and awareness
  • Physical security
  • Perimeter defense
  • Internal network security
  • Host security
  • Application security
  • Data security
We are devoted to securing your facilities and helping you achieve standardization across sites, functionality, and regulatory compliance.

We are utilities and energy experts

The utility industry is highly susceptible to attacks, as public facilities and energy plants are often located in rural, difficult-to-access areas. Towers, transformers, substations, transmission lines, cables, pipelines, and other pivotal structures are spread out and widely distributed. In addition, common barriers, like gates and fences, tend to be ineffective in preventing completely unauthorized entry.

To design the safest, most valuable, customized, and scalable solution for your utility organization, we consider important performance objectives that are specific to the Process Safety Management (PSM) component, a key OSHA standard.

Timeliness of detectionThe time between the start of the issue and the time it is detected.
Operational reliabilityThe percentage of time that physical security equipment is functioning properly.
Information reliabilityThe frequency of invalid alerts caused by environmental factors, communication outages, or power irregularities.
SustainabilityThe ability to continue operating using the available resources.

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