Our portfolio of services is provided by a team of skilled and qualified experts, who have in-depth knowledge of security principles and processes, a comprehensive understanding of your vertical, experience in developing intricate projects, and adherence to Security 101’s core values of fanatical customer service and integrity.

Acquisition Opportunities

Creating value through equitable acquisitions

For Security 101, one of the most rapidly growing commercial security integrators in the U.S., acquiring compatible businesses is a positive corporate strategy that has increased our capabilities, amplified our leadership, and created extraordinary value for us and all stakeholders, right from the start. 

We are invariably pursuing new acquisition opportunities nationwide with target companies that align with our mission of creating the safest environment possible for our customers, sympathize with our core principles of integrity, accountability, and enthusiasm, and identify with our culture of fanatical customer service and camaraderie. There is a difference between making acquisitions and making them work seamlessly. That is why we handle each of our agreements diplomatically, discreetly, honestly, and competently.

We understand each deal deserves its own strategic logic, specific goals, and clearly communicated expectations. Whether it is to enhance the performance of your organization, create new market access for cutting-edge security solutions, accelerate revenue growth, provide consumers with a better service experience, or expand technical skills, if you are a seller, or know a potential seller, contact us today to initiate this rewarding journey.

Why Security 101?

Security 101® is comprised of longtime, dedicated security professionals who hold a strong desire to make a difference in the security industry.

Together these individuals make up TEAM101.

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