Our portfolio of services is provided by a team of skilled and qualified experts, who have in-depth knowledge of security principles and processes, a comprehensive understanding of your vertical, experience in developing intricate projects, and adherence to Security 101’s core values of fanatical customer service and integrity.

Optimal Design & Engineering

Increase safety, security, and efficiency with best-in-class solutions, designed specifically to meet the needs of your enterprise, address the complex challenges of your industry, and align with your corporate strategy and budget plan. In order to create a harmonious and successful security system, our security development team offers outstanding design and technical expertise.

Valuable, Purpose-built systems

Fortify your security

Neutralize the ever-increasing vulnerabilities threatening your organization with engineered structures.

Tailor-made environments

Every business has unique and specific requirements for the protection of their organization.

A clear vision

Security 101 understands how to clearly define and create functional designs and realize strategic objectives.

Strength beyond compare

We efficiently map out any challenges your security may be facing and facilitate a specific solution so as to help your site remain resilient and dependable.


Our certified engineers ensure the entire process results in a complete system that holds integrity and accountability.

Start your security journey today

Do you need to protect your people, assets and data, but don't know where to begin?


Security projects delivered competently

A collaborative blueprint

Protecting your site demands a tactical design phase and a robust, detailed-oriented plan of action.


  • System submittals provide an important system of checks and balances during the completion of your project.
  • Professional design and technical expertise ensure your operations are supported in every phase of the security initiative’s life cycle.
  • Unique and flexible framework to adapt seamlessly to inevitable changes and an unforeseeable future.

Dedicated to problem-solving

We integrate all sections of the security apparatus of your site in a comprehensive manner.

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  • Custom development which enables the flawless unification of physical and logical components. This means better security.
  • Ongoing manufacturer training to guarantee our installation specialists drive the highest amount of operational efficiency and improvement.
  • Our Security 101 team leverages its expertise by providing all system testing, certification, and compliance required to uphold your organization’s policies and procedures.

Indisputable results

Security 101 will serve you every step of the way,  during the entire lifetime of your security project, from consultation to practical execution and continuous maintenance to ensure top performance and maximum protection.


High-quality, on-time, on-budget delivery

At Security 101 we have a growth mindset, crave feedback, and value challenges. We recognize pain points and setbacks, understand your true needs and wants, and keep the project budget on track to help you build coherent, cost-effective, and structured, professional security systems without delay.

Identify problems, discover solutions

Systematic security begins as early as the design stage and is carried on throughout proper implementation and service support.

  • Installation phase

    We review critical milestones, foresee any deviations to the plan, and suggest possible solutions. Further, Security 101 offers streamlined communication and web-based project management software for precise coordination.

  • Implementation phase

    A step-by-step plan and best practices to move your project from start to finish. It involves system training, system testing and acceptance, operations and maintenance manuals, and as-built documentation.

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Proven design and engineering

Our team of professionals create a flexible and scalable framework for your organization to build upon for future additions.

  • Bulletproof security

    Our simultaneous project commissioning and unparalleled execution improve the performance of systems and equipment and support a powerful, and smarter security environment.

  • Sustainable solutions

    Unbiased assessments, deliberate risk minimization, well-coordinated commissioning, transparent progress tracking, and diligent reviewal of maintenance requirements lead to a seamless handover, augmented safety, and no business disruptions.

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