Cutting-edge Vallejo security cameras, access control, alarm detection, and more

To keep companies safe in Vallejo, Security 101 knows that a one-size-fits-all solution is not always adequate. Every facility has unique needs and vulnerabilities. If a business uses a generic or out-of-date security system to keep assets safe, short-sights are inevitable. With these short-sights come potential intruders that may wish to harm workers, vandalize property, or steal valuables.

Instead of leaving companies vulnerable to these issues, Security 101’s team designs cutting-edge, custom systems using the latest technologies from industry-leading manufacturers. Our comprehensive security solutions typically include access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance systems as well as installation and maintenance support services.

Access Control

For comprehensive personnel safety and asset protection, companies must regulate who is allowed to enter their facilities. Access control measures simplify this process, so employees can stop worrying about safety and focus on what they do best. Using technologies like encrypted smart cards, biometric scanners, and other touchless access control methods, Security 101’s solutions give facility managers the ability to provide easy entry to approved individuals while keeping all potential intruders out.

Intrusion Detection

In the event where an intruder attempts to circumvent established access control measures, Security 101’s intrusion detection technology ensures that they are quickly stopped. Using door contacts, motion detectors, sound sensors, and more, our intrusion detection solutions allow Vallejo businesses to protect themselves against property damage, vandalism, and theft.

Video Surveillance

Today’s security cameras are more effective than ever. Aided by full system integration and software analytics, Security 101’s video surveillance systems provide users with 24/7 remote visual feeds and the ability to automatically detect suspicious patterns of behavior. Through these measures, companies can maintain a constant view of their facilities as well as a visual record of any occurring events.

Installation and Maintenance 

To ensure that all Security 101 systems run perfectly, we offer best-in-class installation and maintenance services. Factory-trained and equipped with years of experience, our installation specialists have the expertise necessary to configure all system elements in a streamlined and reliable manner. With this expertise, our teams are also able to provide complete system testing, certification, and compliance to satisfy both state security requirements and align with organizational policies and procedures. Additionally, our service teams are always ready to provide trouble resolution, software support, or visit the premises to perform routine maintenance.