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The Client


Massive corporation listed among the Fortune 50 with a vast global footprint and an historically decentralized business model. Headquartered on the U.S. East Coast, the company incudes some 250 subsidiary companies with operations in 60 countries. They create unbranded products including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products. All locations have the same security products and standards, but all systems operated independently of one another and the benefits of the system in place were not clearly outlined. Access control was done on the site level, so if an employee had access to multiple sites beyond their home location and left the company, the home location did not communicate with the other sites to discontinue the employee’s access at the additional locations.

The Challenge

In addition to the possible miscommunications that arose with access control to multiple sites for terminated employees, there were too many standalone systems that left them without control or monitoring capabilities. There were 50 standalone servers in the United States alone. For example, a New Mexico-based employee travels to the Texas site and is granted access control credentials in the Texas location. Shortly after, the employee leaves the company and their credentials are terminated in the New Mexico location only, with no communication being relayed to the Texas location and leaving a potential loophole for the terminated employee. The individual sites felt that on-site servers at each location provided a stronger sense of control over their individual site.

The Solution

In order to better leverage their technology, Security 101 consolidated the company’s servers to two servers in the United States, implementing three clouds (one in North America, one covering Europe and Africa, and one in the Asia/Pacific region) where all sites could access and share the same data.

the client sayS

“Security 101 provided us with step-by-step guidance on how to streamline our security processes in a way that helped grow our business. Consolidating into the cloud made our reporting more reliable and our communication with each location consistent. We managed to upgrade our old system to a much newer, efficient one, and the savings are becoming more and more evident each year.”

Key Benefits

The solution provided a cohesive method for all sites to access and share the same information. It saved on IT costs, with the individual sites no longer having to maintain an on-site server and saving on administrative costs. All reporting, monitoring, and card management was centralized and after hours monitoring was implemented. ID cards and reader technology became streamlined, which came in at a low implementation cost. Between the annualized savings and low implementation cost, we saved the customer more than $900,000 and continue to find cost savings on a regular basis.


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