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AI-based video surveillance creates safer cities




Municipalities are benefiting from extraordinary technological advances that are enhancing the security of cities in unprecedented ways. As vandalism and criminal activity threaten the life and property of urban areas, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its application in video surveillance is changing the way officials do security for their local communities.

A significant advantage is that AI-based video surveillance provides and utilizes data intelligently. As a result, communication, decision-making, and visibility are enhanced. Now public leaders and local governments can protect city streets, parks, and citizens more effectively.

Safer cities are created with sophisticated technologies

By integrating software and hardware solutions, the known capabilities of video surveillance are vastly enhanced:

  1. Increased accuracy and visibility

    Video cameras, when visible, can deter crime. However, when merged with AI, they can also identify with accuracy the seriousness of a threat and alert law enforcement of possible dangers, without being affected by external noise or bad weather.

    This is critical to increase the quality of detection, amplify the field of view, and streamline security processes for cities.

  2. Faster and adequate responses

    Artificial Intelligence can significantly facilitate the proactive response of cities to emergencies. When cameras are placed strategically in downtown areas and throughout municipalities, and advanced systems are utilized, you get 24/7 monitoring functionality, real-time insights, and immediate alerts of abnormal situations.

    By utilizing AI, the system can collect behavioral data for indexing, filtering, and reporting. This technology ensures that alarms are triggered immediately,  facilitating an expedient and appropriate response to every threat.

  3. Reduction in false alarms

    AI-powered systems help you reduce the incidence of false positives and allow first responders to communicate directly with suspects as soon as they are detected.

  4. Inclusivity

    The identification of behavioral patterns, no faces, can relieve the privacy concerns that critics of video surveillance often argue. This is particularly important challenge cities need to address. AI identifies behavior that deviates from the norm, alerts government leaders of potential menaces, and reduces the possibility of bias and unfairness.

  5. Not all cities are created equal

    Artificial Intelligence can improve itself based on data collected. As each municipal structure and city has a unique set of demands and pain points, the personalized configuration is vital. To meet each challenge appropriately, modern cameras and video analytics should be integrated. This unification can vastly improve the efficacy of security operations for cities.

Deploying first-class technologies to protect the life and integrity of citizens and communities is essential. Old, legacy video surveillance systems must be replaced by modern alternatives, ideally powered by Artificial Intelligence and integrated with video analytics solutions able to withstand the most complex security vulnerabilities, while reaching a maximum safety level.

A proactive approach to city security

Don't settle for outdated security measures. Embrace the future and elevate the safety of your city through AI-powered video surveillance.