Part 4: The power of AI communication and physical security

by Corey Tyriver on Jul 25, 2018 3:08:10 PM

Artificial intelligence already has a profound effect on the way we communicate. Many of us talk to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant every day. These digital assistants are already using a form of AI to interpret our questions and commands. Google Assistant will soon be integrated with a new technology called Google Duplex which is an AI system for accomplishing real-world tasks over the phone. This latest advancement in language AI allows machines to imitate a human voice and make phone calls to book a restaurant reservation or make an appointment on the user’s behalf.   

Language Interpretation

As machine learning evolves and the technology becomes more powerful we will be able to put it in the hands of security professionals. AI will be able to not only listen to reports, commands and questions – it will also be able to interpret and act on the information. A benefit of AI soon-to-be seen in security is the ability to help security professionals make split-second decisions in the case of an accident or event.

AI-enabled technology will be able to determine which alarms are false and which events require law enforcement to be alerted immediately. An example would be someone making an emergency call about an accident on a college campus. The system would know to automatically dispatch a police unit and ambulance. In another case, a person could report a stolen vehicle and an AI-enabled system would immediately start searching their video footage in the area looking to provide law enforcement with recorded and live video of the car and possible suspects.

Intelligent Translation

Another way AI will help with communications is through intelligent translation. Machine learning is making language translation faster and easier. Global companies like Google, Skype and Facebook are paving the way for every day, real-time machine translation. Teaching a language to a machine is a complex process due to the variations of translations and the necessity to understand the emotional language to make an accurate translation. However, everyday machine translation is becoming more precise and more reliable.

It will be an important feature for security systems and professionals. Emergency calls could easily be translated from Spanish or Chinese into English. For organizations with locations across the globe AI-powered translation would simplify the reporting process. Security and incident reports could be logged in one language and easily translated into other languages so an official in each region could immediately understand and react to the information.

The more systems react with us the quicker they learn how to listen, interpret and interact with people and situations. Language interpretations and intelligent translations are two powerful tools for security systems and professionals to continue to keep people and assets safe from harmful threats.

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