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Security 101 has the industry-specific experience required to “speak your language”. Our veteran security experts have established a broad and diverse customer base in all major vertical markets as well as many smaller and more specific business segments important to you.

Look to Security 101 when your Healthcare, Education, Property Management, Government, Manufacturing, Financial, Technology, Transportation, Energy, Hospitality, Retail, Casinos and Gaming, Industrial/Commercial, or Cargo related businesses have electronic security requirements.



We understand that hospitals, medical facilities and other healthcare organizations require unique security solutions due to their constant hours of operation and strict medical compliance laws. Additionally, these environments must be welcoming and comfortable so as to promote patient satisfaction as well as staff productivity. With extensive experience in healthcare, Security 101 is able to address the specific needs of this industry sector and expertly address the challenges healthcare facilities face by providing improved security against theft, violence, abduction, crises, and more. 

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The priority to protect students and faculty from security risks has grown substantially in recent years. Security 101 believes that every educational institution should be a safe and comforting environment conducive to learning, so we understand the importance of your school's security and protection needs. By providing best-in-class electronic security solutions, Security 101 addresses critical safety vulnerabilities throughout the nation's campuses and helps prevent crises that may arise due to theft, vandalism, assault, and active shooter situations.

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  Property Management

Owners and tenants of commercial property often juggle dozens of responsibilities and sometimes a reassessment of their security needs becomes less of a priority than perhaps it should be. Theft, vandalism, suspicious activity, and more can plague a private commercial organization and prey on its vulnerabilities; Security 101 understands these challenges and provides security solutions such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and visitor management to combat threats to safety and protect assets. We strive to bring your security to the next level enabling you to maximize profits and limit potential losses.

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Protecting government facilities and institutions presents a complex challenge that requires exploring updated security technology solutions. Security 101 understands the need for robust and streamlined security systems to ensure the unwavering safety of the public at all times. By providing the combination of best-in-class system design, engineering, installation and service, Security 101 dedicates its efforts to maintain our competitive edge and continuously go above and beyond in all of our projects.

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Manufacturing and industrial facilities present complex challenges regarding safety risks and combating vulnerabilities that may lead to theft, vandalism, or compliance problems with safety regulations and policies. Depending on the nature of the business, there can be a wide variety of specific security needs within any factory, warehouse, or industrial complex. Security 101 has the ability and expertise to recommend the best combinations of security systems using only the finest products from the world's leading manufacturers. Our certified technicians undergo thorough factory training to drive your organization toward the highest amount of operational efficiency while providing top-tier technical support when it is needed.

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The financial services market requires up-to-date security technology that addresses its unique needs and challenges. A streamlined framework of IT services and electronic security optimizes operations and helps financial institutions achieve sustainable growth.


The technology industry involves critical hardware components that are susceptible to security vulnerabilities such as cyber attacks. Ensuring that physical equipment is protected with a sophisticated electronic security solution is vital to the health of an organization and its clients.


Due to its open nature, protecting transportation facilities presents specific difficulties where advanced integrated electronic security solutions can often easily provide protection. Controlling and monitoring access to sensitive areas while improving surveillance helps deter theft and aid recovery of lost assets.


Security concerns that threaten the disruption of our country's energy facilities must continue to be addressed before an external force disrupts their operations. Protecting this aspect of the critical infrastructure of our nation necessitates a coordinated security plan consisting of the most advanced security technology available.


The hospitality industry strives to uphold high standards of comfort and service without sacrificing their guests' safety. This unwavering business practice allows Security 101 use it's knowledge of electronic security to custom-tailor integrated solutions for this demanding market sector — resulting in greatly improved safety standards without sacrificing the guest experience and satisfaction.

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