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Protecting crowds in sport arenas with metal detectors




The Super Bowl creates a sense of camaraderie, bringing fans together all around the USA. While many decide to stay home and watch the game live, others prefer the adrenaline of the crowd’s roar and the smell of hotdogs and beer. Large entertainment venues are no strangers to the regular minor security inconvenience, but in the past year, their safety protocols have been heightened.

Tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing, Pennsylvania high school stabbing spree and gun rampages like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary are unfortunate events that have served as a wake-up call to many large venues. Some of these are the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA events, where metal detectors are now mandatory.

Until just a few years ago, airports and some government institutions had been the only facilities familiar with the use of metal detectors. The process of emptying your pockets and placing any metal objects in a bin is a memorized routine for the frequent traveler. Stadiums and now some Universities, on the other hand, are still getting used to the “inconvenience” that a metal detector may represent.

While many fans are not comfortable with the intrusiveness and the added delay to the already long lines in the stadium, metal detectors provide large venues with many benefits.

Deter and detect weapons

WTMD (walk-through metal detectors) can assist security personnel in detecting the presence of concealed weapons. Wave technology allows metal detectors to sense ferrous or non-ferrous metal objects. In many cases, an alarm or light strip will activate, thus letting guards know an item has been detected.

Entry and exit agility

Walk-through metal detectors, in particular, can enhance the quick inspection of large numbers of people. New advancements in technology are providing metal detectors with the ability to tell the difference between keys, cellphones, weapons, etc; which could contribute to creating a safer environment without the long wait times.

Protect people

By deterring weapons from entering the stadiums, sports arenas can avoid many other violent events that could harm people and premises like theft, attacks, sabotage, and other threats.

Avoid invasive protocols

Implementing metal detectors helps venues avoid physical pat-downs. Handheld metal detectors are a great alternative that allows security personnel to investigate further while maintaining a respectful stance. Making fans feel welcomed and respected will help sports arenas maintain their standard of excellence.

While metal detectors are typically found at airports, the implementation of this security solution in stadiums could help prevent future tragedies. When integrated with video surveillance and access control, metal detectors add to the level of safety and security of any high-traffic establishment, without being invasive, and while providing a welcoming space for big crowds.

Step up your security game

Ensuring the security of crowds in sports arenas is paramount. Take a proactive approach to protect fans, athletes, and staff by implementing effective security solutions.