Foolish criminals on CCTV: The significance of video surveillance for a business

by Monica Gonzalez on Jan 20, 2021 9:00:00 AM

While burglaries and break-ins are no laughing matter, getting criminals on tape and catching them on time are valid reasons to smile. By adding an advanced video surveillance system to the security arsenal of an establishment, owners can prevent crime, increase productivity, improve the overall safety of their employees and patrons, and stimulate the perception of concern for customer safety. Without a doubt, comprehensive video surveillance and CCTV systems are successful in reducing and preventing crimes and are increasingly valuable in prosecuting offenders caught on camera committing a felony.

Benefits of Adding Security Cameras to a Business:

Crime Prevention: Criminals are less likely to commit an illegal act if they know they are being watched. Cameras act as a deterrent and can help prevent acts of vandalism, break-ins, and other serious offenses. Not only do they obstruct intruders, but employees get discouraged from committing company property or intellectual property theft. Installing cameras, therefore, leads to a safer workspace. In addition, it can boost employee's productivity.

Real-Time Monitoring: Placing a comprehensive CCTV monitoring system is vital to ensure safe operations on a site. By providing real-time footage of all events happening in a facility and a 24/7 record of activity, videos can be reviewed and analyzed in case of an incident. Authorized administrators can remotely log in and access the data and videos. Visibly, cameras allow owners to keep a constant eye on their business so they can entirely focus on running their establishment.

Criminal Evidence: In the event something happens within a site, or around it, and it is caught on camera, the footage can be extremely useful to identify the perpetrator and to present as evidence in a court of law. CCTV monitoring footage is exceptionally valuable; however, it is important to note that playing the video in court is not enough. For it to be considered as acceptable evidence, there must be a demonstrable chain of custody for the surveillance video. A way to handle the evidence appropriately is to store the video in a proprietary and encrypted format. Similarly, Cloud storage is recommended over local storage, as it is a more convenient form to retain video for much longer periods of time.

Customer Satisfaction: Patrons feel relieved when they shop in a safe place. Installing a surveillance system not only offers important observations about customer behavior and preferences, to better serve their needs, but makes clients and visitors feel at ease when they notice CCTV installations.

In honor of “Belly Laugh Day” and to celebrate the great gift of laughter, watch this video which compiles several failed attempts of criminal activity caught on camera.

As has been previously stated, having accurate and absolute visibility of a business is a priority for owners. Nevertheless, it is a challenge difficult to overcome without the right technologies. The answer is a modern video security solution that can capture and document all events on a facility.

Get criminals on tape!

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