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Audio analytics in educational institutions




School security isn’t just for college campuses. High schools, middle schools and even elementary schools need to have adequate access control and security systems in place. Vandalism, aggression, and break-ins or thefts can take place at all types of schools. From 2010 through 2019 more gun-related incidents occurred at elementary schools than middle schools, according to statistics from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security.

Many educational institutions have stepped up their security in recent years, as viral news of tragic school shootings has placed a spotlight on school safety. Adding audio analytics to the school’s video surveillance and entrance stations can provide a second method of detection, bringing attention to something taking place that’s not yet visibly obvious.

Audio analytic software can detect everything from pitch to decibel level on many different frequencies, sorting them and using special algorithms to detect and recognize various sounds. For example, audio detection of the sound of breaking glass can alert the system to a potential break-in before security cameras have caught the visible movement within the building.

Car alarm detection analytics help to notify authorities of an accident or potential vandalism in the school parking lot. Algorithms built into the software identify verbal aggression such as an argument in a congested hallway, and can trigger an alert even before a physical altercation erupts. The system can be set up to notify an on-site monitoring station or can be programmed to directly alert law enforcement for more serious issues.

Gunshot detection analytics recognize the sound of gunfire emitted from a variety of firearms: handguns, shotguns, rifles, and automatic weapons. This sophisticated security system can pinpoint the location of the shot and automatically lock nearby doors to prevent the shooter from leaving that area, while opening other doors to facilitate an evacuation.

Audio analytics can provide another layer of surveillance to a school’s security systems, creating improved situational awareness and reaction times. This early detection provides precious reaction time for students and faculty entering lock-down status.