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AI and Deep Learning redefine video surveillance systems




Threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Therefore, it is key to implement solutions that are:

  • Highly reliable
  • Give a better context of situations to improve response capacity
  • Offer remote accessibility
  • Efficacious at deterring bad behaviors

Traditional systems are not able to organize and process data the way that integrated Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning can. Gaining clearer insight into what is happening, with a platform that consolidates information in real-time, is a necessity that can be met with the modern tools available to you today.

Smarter ways to minimize risks

A smart and efficacious response to incidents must be coordinated and fast. Instead of relying on basic motion detection alarms, Deep Learning, a type of AI, can allow video cameras to learn different object classifications, make informed decisions about the objects and activity recorded, and verify the seriousness of threats.

The possibilities of such technology incorporated into the security ecosystem of small businesses and large corporations are significant as it diminishes false alarms, saves storage space, minimizes the possibility of alarm fatigue, and, most importantly, amplifies the level of accuracy of your security operations.

Deep learning is based on artificial neural networks in which multiple layers of processing are used to extract progressively higher-level features from data.

This means massive amounts of information can be automatically processed and analyzed, patterns can be recognized, and actionable insights can be utilized by security teams. The end goal is to ensure your site is monitored uninterruptedly with a video surveillance system that meets the exact security requirements of your facility.

Deep learning offers exciting new possibilities

This might be the moment to consider deploying video surveillance solutions that operate with AI and Deep Learning mechanisms. Some of the benefits you can get are:

  1. AI can detect the difference between people, animals, or objects and alert security teams of possible dangers, without being affected by external noise or bad weather. To increase the quality of detection, reduce false positives, amplify the field of view, and optimize security processes, this is a vital feature.
  2. A better response of your security team to emergencies, by providing them with 24/7 monitoring functionality, real-time data, and immediate alerts of abnormal situations.
  3. Deep Learning can reduce the number of false positives and allow security teams to communicate directly with trespassers and suspects as soon as they are detected.
  4. As AI can iteratively improve itself based on information collected and taking into account that each organization has a unique set of needs, the personalized configuration of your video surveillance system is key.

    The ability to set the parameters for the detection of various threats or unusual incidents can greatly reduce the need for personnel to monitor multiple live camera feeds. This reduces the workload on security staff while allowing them to focus on what really matters.
  5. Quick data extraction. Finding specific events in video footage is easier with Deep Learning video surveillance, compared to manual processes that tend to be extremely difficult and time-consuming.
  6. Without Deep Learning, cameras are unintelligent devices that can potentially trigger hundreds of alerts per day against everything that moves, including shadows or animals. To diminish the risk of alert fatigue, it is essential to use Artificial Intelligence, which can precisely classify objects and filter out false alarms.
Video monitoring

Integrating advanced AI-based video surveillance solutions allows security staff to monitor premises physically, without having to constantly stare at screens. Their job can be facilitated with smart software that analyses video from multiple cameras placed across the facility and detects threats, such as intrusions, fire, slip-and-fall accidents, fights, or any other suspicious activity.

An ideal AI-powered video monitoring system alerts security staff immediately as the threat is identified so that they can instantly respond to the situation.

Deep Learning and AI-powered cameras provide potent advantages to organizations of any size, including automation of manual tasks, accurate real-time detection, increased customization, and efficiency of security endeavors.

Harness the power of AI and deep learning

Take action now and leverage the power of intelligent security solutions to maximize safety in your premises. Rely on our expertise to get your systems operating in harmony.