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Are you gambling with your casino’s safety?




Few places face the imminent and unavoidable risks of handling astronomical amounts of cash while at the same time encouraging public access to their premises virtually 24/7. Casino’s successful operation, which must comply with strict federal and local compliance regulations, depends on preventing the chances of something going wrong and ensuring that patrons, employees, and money are always safe.

Physical security for these establishments is, therefore, a must and a factor that should not be considered lightly by Casinos. Luckily, the security sector is raising up to the challenge every year to provide owners and administrators with powerful and accurate technologies that identify potential threats in real time and prevent incidents from occurring.

Casino’s challenges

These are some of the challenges Casinos face today:

  • Integration of video surveillance with other systems
  • Conservatism in adopting new technologies
  • Compliance with regulations

Several solutions can be implemented by the Casino that is eager to mitigate the risks of cheating and stealing and help drive business results and competitive advantage. Resisting to embrace innovative solutions may compromise the future of the Casino by causing revenue loss and even the cease of operation. It is equally important to follow the different regulations and maintain the integrity of the gaming functions.

The hand is quicker than the eye

This expression is particularly true for Casinos, as they are often crowded with large amounts of people handling cash. There is no question that video surveillance should be a priority to deter professional cheats, manipulated cards, and the changing of bets. Your Casino needs leading edge IP cameras, with extraordinary high resolution that meet the specific norms about fast frame rates, light, and resolution capability.

Such solutions enable Casinos with:

  • Real time detection
  • Video search
  • Business intelligent capabilities

A game changer is the ability to rapidly locate specific events within masses of footage, design a more effective usage of employee’s time, gather and detect data on occupancy and visitor trends, improve knowledge and response to emergencies, and prevent over-crowding in certain areas of the Casino.

In addition, modern solutions offer recognition of visible and invisible threats, such as weapons, disturbances, and elevated body temperature. These technologies are capable of facial face recognition and concealed weapon detection; ensuring the Casino takes a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to danger.