Security cameras do double duty verifying compliance

by Corey Tyriver on Jun 7, 2018 11:08:40 AM

Security cameras do double duty

In previous blogs we’ve talked about the non-traditional value of security systems. It’s an important topic for security professionals trying to justify budgets and prove ROI. Another aspect that we can focus on is compliance – since it affects more and more organizations every day from medical facilities to food processing plants and manufacturers.

Compliance for most industries means following industry regulations or often governmental legislation. And when an organization falls out of compliance it can be very costly. It opens businesses up to fines and potential lawsuits – even being shut down. Staying in compliance is one thing, but companies may need to back that up with proof. That’s where security cameras can do double duty. The images they are recording can be invaluable in verifying compliance.

For example, in a food processing plant employees are required to wash their hands before entering the work area. What better way to show compliance than with recorded video. In one plant employees are asked to hit a button on the wall that starts a camera recording. The camera records and documents as workers wash their hands. If employees fail to hit the activation button for the cameras or wash their hands improperly, supervisors are notified and the employee is asked to repeat the process. If the company needs to verify compliance it has a video log available.

Video from security cameras can be used in a variety of similar ways to prove compliance. It can verify:

  • Manufacturing processes are being followed
  • Protective gear such as gloves and masks are being used
  • Equipment is stored and serviced properly
  • Mandated security process are being followed
  • Restricted areas are correctly secured

Using security cameras to verify compliance makes a security system much more valuable to your organization. We live in a video culture, so don’t underestimate how important your cameras can be. Work with a knowledgeable security integrator who can help provide you with a system that will extend its value beyond just security.

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