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by April Wehle on Aug 31, 2017 4:47:35 PM


According to consumer behavioral research, consumers remember breaches in security and are less likely to go to a business, or place of business, that encounters a breach. If consumers perceive a business unsafe due to a security incident, the organization will hurt in the long run.

As violent events become more commonplace, customers become more concerned with safety. Tragic events like the Virginia Tech shooting, the Boston Massacre and most recently the terrorist attack in Barcelona, have created an opportunity for security managers to address these issues proactively and implement preventative solutions.

Consumer-facing industries such as healthcare, education, venue management, and retail can also be victimized by a security attack.

Large scale sporting events are another example of a niche where concerns for safety may arise. While security may not be the primary incentive for patrons to visit an event venue, it can lead to a superior spectator experience. Marketing and security measures can begin working together from the moment a spectator purchases a ticket, including a notice on the ticket purchase website about which items are prohibited from the venue. Marketing security measures at an event not only improves the event experience, it reassures customers that security measures are in place.

Making security a priority not only protects employees and customers, it also adds value to the business. With global security concerns continuing to rise, so will the role of security in attracting new customers.

3 Things to help prevent a security issue:
  • 1. Invest in reputable security products
  • 2. Implement system integration with true standardization
  • 3. Establish security protocols and educate key members
Security is all about risk management

At Security 101 we understand that you're likely responsible for a complex organization with many layers that require a deep level of working knowledge before any decisions regarding security can be made. Our industry experts understand these complexities and can help you unify.

How safe is your business?

Set up a no obligation, no pressure, on-site review of your security.  Our experts will help you identify problems and clarify the solutions. And, Security 101 is certified with all the best-in-class security equipment manufacturers so you can count on a truly unbiased assessment.

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