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Security 101® is nationally-recognized as a leader in the security industry and viewed as one of the fastest growing commercial integrators in the US. From system design, engineering, and installation — to servicing electronic security systems, Security 101 offers a full range of services to our clients. Our business systems, specialized business operations software, and extensive training allow us to deliver the highest quality security systems and positive customer experiences.

As a true systems integrator, Security 101 is the only call you’ll need to make.

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Access control systems

Video management systems

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Unique software solutions for market-specific security challenges

Security system integration (video, access control & intrusion detection)

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A comprehensive, purpose-built security environment is essential for businesses of any size to thrive. By partnering with Security 101, we can create an intelligent and integrated system that incorporates advanced video, access control, alarm monitoring, and visitor management solutions to help you maximize safety, efficiency, and productivity and detect and mitigate threats on time. 

Commercial security systems security camera installation in San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA is home to some of the most profitable and innovative companies in the world. Household names like Adobe, Cisco, and PayPal are all headquartered within the city, and a strong presence of small businesses and startup companies keeps San Jose’s economic standing strong and diverse. Of course, regardless of whether an organization is an international financial institution or a startup tech company, reliable security is a must, and security cameras are an integral part of any risk-mitigation strategy.

Every year, around 25,000 property crimes are committed in San Jose alone. Without appropriate security measures, criminals can easily commit these acts by either robbing businesses of their assets or targeting employees. Sadly, the simple implementation of security cameras into these companies’ defenses would have thwarted many of these crimes.

Fortunately, as one of the best security companies serving the San Jose, CA area, Security 101’s customized security solutions, and professional camera installation can help businesses protect their employees and their assets. This  comprehensive safety for everyone — and everything — on the premises.

Protecting Silicon Valley companies with cutting-edge video surveillance systems

For decades, security companies in the San Jose area relied on video systems to deter criminals, track suspicious movements, and sound alarms. Today, video surveillance is still a key component of modern security. However, over the past few years, innovative technologies have greatly improved the effectiveness of commercial security cameras.

Here at Security 101, we use the latest video surveillance camera technology when designing and installing our client-custom security solutions. With these cameras, we are able to better protect our San Jose clients by offering:

IP integration

The new, cutting-edge IP surveillance cameras used by Security 101 can be directly integrated into a larger IT system. This enables remote viewing capabilities, expands storage options, and makes usage more intuitive. Further, when used with innovative cloud-based technologies, the video captured by these cameras is easily accessible to authorized personnel, while data fortifications prohibit access to anyone else.

Verified alarm solutions

When IP cameras are integrated into a larger security solution, nearly every part of the system benefits as well. For example, while intrusion detection systems excel at identifying potential threats, they are not impervious to false alarms. If a motion sensor is accidentally tripped or door contact is mistakenly detected, it can lead to wasted time and fines as security guards and law enforcement come to investigate. IP cameras prevent these scenarios by verifying whether an alarm signifies a legitimate threat or not.

Video analytics

Beyond alarm verification, modern camera systems also enhance overall safety through the use of analytic software. By analyzing countless hours of recorded footage and live feeds, AI algorithms can recognize behavior patterns to automatically detect suspicious behavior (e.g., recognizing unusual walking patterns or detecting rare individual appearances). With these precautions, businesses can minimize risk exposure as much as possible.

Suppose you have questions about the number, location, and types of security cameras your business needs for access control, personnel safety, and otherwise sound security. In that case, you need to speak to security professionals at Security 101. We are the San Jose area’s top security camera installation and service provider. Call today to discuss your security camera needs with our security system experts.

San Jose Area Crime Trends

According to the San Jose Police Department, there was a 4.7% increase in burglaries from 2020 to 2021. Larceny rose by 29.2%, and total property crimes climbed by 16%. These stats don’t include violent crimes, which rose by 8.6% in the same one-year period. Not all of these crimes could have been prevented or solved with the installation of security cameras, but many of them would have. Protect your business against the rising San Jose crime trend. Security camera installation is cheaper than you think, and when you compare it with the catastrophic loss from one crime, can you really afford not to install cameras?

FAQs About Commercial Security Systems

San Jose area companies are frequent targets of property crimes, sabotage, vandalism, and other crimes. Protecting the physical security of your business is an essential component of a comprehensive risk management plan. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from the business owners and managers who use our security system services.
How can I improve access control for my business?

Most commercial buildings have several points of access. By requiring employees and visitors to enter and leave through the same point, you can better identify security threats from employees and external parties. A complete security camera system covers not only the main entrance of your business but also other points of access. 

Our San Jose area clients range from software developers to manufacturing plants to large apartment complexes. Many companies fail to realize the need for a sound security system until it’s too late. Whether your business requires access control, intrusion detection, visitor management, or other needs, the San Jose security camera installation experts at Security 101 can help. 

The physical property and requirements of every business are different, which is why you need a team of security professionals to coordinate with you to determine your security camera needs.

Naturally, the cost of security camera installation varies depending on the size of the facility, the number of security cameras required, and several other factors. If you contact Security 101, a security camera installation professional can provide you with a risk assessment and a comprehensive security camera recommendation. 

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Security 101 provides top-of-the-line video security systems to keep San Jose businesses secure. Staffed by factory-trained technicians and engineers, our team ensures client satisfaction and safety by performing thorough installations, all-systems testing, certification, and compliance checks. Once your security cameras are installed, you can rely on our professional service and A-rated customer experience.  With our help, San Jose area companies can rest assured that their property and employees are as safe as can be.

Our Team


San Jose, CA - Our local team is comprised of seasoned security professionals who are ready to handle any size commercial electronic security systems project or service needs you may have. At Security 101 our expansive network of industry talent is deep — and our unique business model allows for every team member to stay connected. Here are a few key TEAM101 members in your local area. Get connected, follow us on Linkedin®, and join the conversation. Our dedication to security excellence is second-to-none and we are ready to start earning your trust today.

headshot of Rob Chamberlin

Robert Chamberlin

After founding and operating two technology companies during the past 15 years, Rob Chamberlin started the San Francisco Bay Area location of Security 101 in early 2019. The San Francisco Bay Area Branch has been one of the fastest growing branches nationally since its launch, thanks to a tenured team of security professionals leading the organization. Rob has held multiple roles in ASIS – San Francisco, including a role on the organization’s Board of Directors, and also served on the Board of BOMA Oakland/East Bay for two years.

In the past several years, he has spent time advising local tech companies on their digital marketing strategies, P.R., and business development. When he’s not working, Rob enjoys spending time with his 3 sons, NFL football, and discovering some of the best wines in the world in Napa Valley.

Specialties include: Entrepreneurship, Commercial Security, Access Control, Security Cameras, CCTV, Enterprise Solutions, Strategy, and Customer Acquisition.


Paul Newton
Director of Operations


Paul Newton is the Director of Operations at Security 101 – SF Bay Area, where he oversees the activities of the company, ensuring that the organization is managed and performing efficiently and effectively. Paul has over 28 years of commercial security industry experience, with positions including Technician, Project Manager, Account Manager, Regional Operations Manager, and General Manager with several national security integrators. During his career, he contributed to the overall success and growth of these organizations while optimizing customer satisfaction.

Paul was driven to pursue a career in electronic security from interests at an early age. After completing studies at Sierra Academy of Aeronautics and obtaining his Aircraft Mechanic License, his passion and talents opened the door to opportunities in the security industry. He has obtained a CIA CPSM certification as well as a CA C-7 Contractors License. Outside of his professional career, Paul enjoys spending time with his family and grandkids, watching movies, golf, bowling, and working around the house.


Michael Carrillo
Senior Technology

Shortly after graduating college with a degree in Engineering, Mike began his career in the security industry in 2011 in a Sales Engineer role with a large, national security integrator. Utilizing his engineering background, Mike quickly learned how to design best-in-class enterprise integrated security systems for his clients in the Bay Area. After a couple of years in the industry, Mike was promoted into a role as a hybrid Sales Engineer/Account Executive and became a well-rounded, trusted technical sales advisor to any client he has and will work with in the future.

Over the last 7+ years, Mike has had experience in designing, deploying, and managing large national and global deployments of complex enterprise integrated systems, and has served as a trusted security consultant for many of key clients.

Over the next several years Mike is excited to grow his sales and technical team at Security 101 to create a professional and efficient team for all our current and future business customers.

Specialties include: Enterprise Solutions, Integrated System Design, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Biometrics, Alarm Systems, Visitor Management.

Derek Kahoalii
Project Manager

Derek Kahoalii is an accomplished security professional with over 25 years of experience in the commercial security industry. He has worked with some of the most respected security companies in California, including SSD Alarm, Protection One, and Protection Service Industries. In his current role as a Project Manager at Security 101, Derek manages and oversees the installation and service of security systems for commercial customers, including some of Security 101’s largest customers.

In his previous roles as Operations Manager at SSD Alarm and Installation Supervisor at Protection One and Protection Service Industries, Derek was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the company's installation and service departments, as well as managing large and national accounts. He also ensured that all systems were installed and serviced according to UL requirements and that inventory control was maintained in both the stockroom and field technicians' vehicles.

Derek's experience in the industry has given him a deep understanding of the complexities of security systems and their installation, as well as an ability to manage large and complex projects effectively. He is committed to ensuring that the systems he and his teams install and service meet the highest safety standards.

Andrea Hauck
Vice President of Growth

Andrea Hauck is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in the security industry. She serves as the Vice President of Growth at Security 101, a leading commercial security integrator with 54 offices across the United States. She has been with the company since February 2023, where she focuses on customer engagement, sales, and partner management, as well as extensive training to deliver the best possible security systems and customer experience.

Her previous position was Global Business Development for Silicon Valley artificial intelligence physical security software company. She also served as a Security Integrator consultant from 2021 to 2022, where she specialized in overall security consulting. Additionally, she serves as a Board Member for the San Francisco GGBA, a position she has held since 2020.

Before her career in the security industry, Andrea had an impressive track record in project management, sales, and partnerships. She worked as a consultant for NFL/NBA/NHL Player Philanthropy events, sponsorships, public speaking, and fundraising, and managed projects such as the Super Bowl 50, NFL Athlete Sponsorships, and Corporate Sponsorships. Additionally consulted for a few Silicon Valley startups, hiring, training, and managing sales staff and implemented CRM, marketing strategies, and sales processes.

Andrea's impressive career also includes 13 years at NFL, The Oakland Raiders, where she was a Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships, Community Engagement, Hospitality, and Philanthropy. During her time there, she developed sponsorships for high-profile clients such as Bank of America, Budweiser, Foster Farms, Hawaiian Airlines, Toyota, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, and Google. She played a critical role in the development, strategy, and execution of corporate partnerships and established successful client retention programs with escalating annual revenue growth.

Overall, Andrea's experience and accomplishments in the commercial security industry and beyond make her a highly valued member of Security 101. Her strong partnership management and sales skills, coupled with her ability to establish and maintain successful client relationships, make her a valuable asset to any organization.

Ryan Smith
Sales Engineer

Ryan Smith is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the security and technology industry. Known for his expertise in systems integration, programming, and technical security systems design and implementation, Ryan has a proven track record of delivering top-notch solutions. With a keen eye for detail, Ryan conducts thorough physical security/risk assessments and excels in project management, ensuring every aspect of a security initiative is meticulously executed. His ability to identify common risks, threats, and vulnerabilities sets him apart. Ryan goes the extra mile by providing strategic recommendations to fortify security measures, creating a safer environment for all stakeholders involved.

Clients value Ryan's proactive approach and deep subject matter knowledge, making him a trusted advisor in the field. If you're seeking a dedicated professional to elevate your security strategies, Ryan is the go-to expert


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Security 101 - San Jose is now recruiting a Lead Commercial Security Technician that has experience installing programming and servicing commercial electronic security devices primarily CCTV, Access Control, IP Cameras, Intrusion Detection, Video Analytics, IP network systems and overall security systems.

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