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Protecting People, Property & Profits

Security 101® is nationally-recognized as a leader in the security industry and viewed as one of the fastest growing commercial integrators in the US. From system design, engineering, and installation — to servicing electronic security systems, Security 101 offers a full range of services to our clients. Our business systems, specialized business operations software, and extensive training allow us to deliver the highest quality security systems and positive customer experiences.


As a true systems integrator, Security 101 is the only call you’ll need to make.

  • “Complete” design & engineering
  • Custom programming
  • Project management
  • Security system integration (Video, access control & intrusion detection)
  • Access control systems
  • Video management systems
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Intercom & tele-entry systems
  • Mass notification systems
  • Wireless solutions
  • Visitor management systems
  • Cable & fiber optic installation
  • Unique software solutions for market-specific security challenges

A comprehensive, custom-tailored security management plan is a must in order to maximize the protection of a modern business’ people, property and profits. Constructing an integrated security system with Security 101 that incorporates video, access control, alarm monitoring, and visitor management provides the platform to implement such a plan.

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Security 101® is an authorized dealer for all products it installs.

team101-emblemWith Security 101, your business can count on factory-trained and certified TEAM101™ expert technicians who are regularly reviewed and evaluated for integrity and compliance.

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Security 101 Works Hard to Protect San Jose

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Commercial Security Systems & Security Camera Installation San Jose


San Jose, CA is home to some of the most profitable and innovative companies in the world. Household names like Adobe, Cisco, and PayPal are all headquartered within the city, and a strong presence of small businesses and startup companies keeps San Jose’s economic standing strong and diverse. Of course, regardless of whether an organization is an international financial institution or a startup tech company, reliable security is a must, and security cameras are an integral part of any risk-mitigation strategy.

Every year,around 25,000 property crimes are committed in San Jose alone. Without appropriate security measures, criminals can easily commit these acts by either robbing businesses of their assets or targeting employees. Sadly, the simple implementation of security cameras into these companies’ defenses would have thwarted many of these crimes.

Fortunately, as one of the best security companies serving the San Jose, CA area, Security 101’s customized security solutions, and professional camera installation can help businesses protect their employees and their assets. This  comprehensive safety for everyone — and everything — on the premises.

Protecting Silicon Valley Companies with Cutting-Edge Video Surveillance Systems

For decades, security companies in the San Jose area relied on video systems to deter criminals, track suspicious movements, and sound alarms. Today, video surveillance is still a key component of modern security. However, over the past few years, innovative technologies have greatly improved the effectiveness of commercial security cameras.

Here at Security 101, we use the latest video surveillance camera technology when designing and installing our client-custom security solutions. With these cameras, we are able to better protect our San Jose clients by offering:

  • IP integration: The new, cutting-edge IP surveillance cameras used by Security 101 can be directly integrated into a larger IT system. This enables remote viewing capabilities, expands storage options, and makes usage more intuitive. Further, when used with innovative cloud-based technologies, the video captured by these cameras is easily accessible to authorized personnel, while data fortifications prohibit access to anyone else.
  • Verified alarm solutions: When IP cameras are integrated into a larger security solution, nearly every part of the system benefits as well. For example, while intrusion detection systems excel at identifying potential threats, they are not impervious to false alarms. If a motion sensor is accidentally tripped or door contact is mistakenly detected, it can lead to wasted time and fines as security guards and law enforcement come to investigate. IP cameras prevent these scenarios by verifying whether an alarm signifies a legitimate threat or not.
  • Video analytics: Beyond alarm verification, modern camera systems also enhance overall safety through the use of analytic software. By analyzing countless hours of recorded footage and live feeds, AI algorithms can recognize behavior patterns to automatically detect suspicious behavior (e.g., recognizing unusual walking patterns or detecting rare individual appearances). With these precautions, businesses can minimize risk exposure as much as possible.

San Jose Businesses That Need Security Cameras

Most asset-based businesses recognize the obvious need for security cameras to protect the equipment and products contained within. But many other types of organizations require a sound security system to protect their employees, patrons, intellectual properties, and more. Here are some of the ways that San Jose area companies utilize commercial security services. 

Employee Monitoring and Visitor Management

All companies want to trust their employees, and in most cases, they can. However, even on their first day, employees are given access to the premises, computer systems, and the property of other employees. An internal security system not only helps with access control to restricted areas, but if a crime does occur within the walls of your commercial property, it helps to narrow down the list of parties who had access. 

Liability Mitigation

Premise liability law is a thriving industry in the San Jose area, and while some local businesses have demonstrated negligence, others have been falsely accused by slip-and-fall scammers. Surveillance cameras can often provide valuable insight as to what actually caused an accident. 

Intrusion Detection

Among the most common reasons that companies have security cameras installed are perimeter safety and access control. You can ensure sound security by installing commercial security cameras. Not only are closed-circuit security cameras a strong deterrent against theft and vandalism, but they can also give you a break on your insurance. 

Counter Surveillance

The San Jose area is full of companies working on highly sensitive information technology. They are prime targets for corporate espionage. But the bad actors are not just competitors. Foreign governments launch sophisticated operations to access the technology and resources that San Jose area tech companies diligently develop. A properly placed surveillance camera can show your loss-prevention team exactly who might be watching your business. 

Suppose you have questions about the number, location, and types of security cameras your business needs for access control, personnel safety, and otherwise sound security. In that case, you need to speak to security professionals at Security 101. We are the San Jose area’s top security camera installation and service provider. Call today to discuss your security camera needs with our security system experts.

San Jose Area Crime Trends

According to the San Jose Police Department, there was a 4.7% increase in burglaries from 2020 to 2021. Larceny rose by 29.2%, and total property crimes climbed by 16%. These stats don’t include violent crimes, which rose by 8.6% in the same one-year period. Not all of these crimes could have been prevented or solved with the installation of security cameras, but many of them would have. Protect your business against the rising San Jose crime trend. Security camera installation is cheaper than you think, and when you compare it with the catastrophic loss from one crime, can you really afford not to install cameras?

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Security Systems

San Jose area companies are frequent targets of property crimes, sabotage, vandalism, and other crimes. Protecting the physical security of your business is an essential component of a comprehensive risk management plan. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from the business owners and managers who use our security system services

How can I improve access control for my business?

Most commercial buildings have several points of access. By requiring employees and visitors to enter and leave through the same point, you can better identify security threats from employees and external parties. A complete security camera system covers not only the main entrance of your business but also other points of access. 

What types of facilities require security camera installation?

Our San Jose area clients range from software developers to manufacturing plants to large apartment complexes. Many companies fail to realize the need for a sound security system until it’s too late. Whether your business requires access control, intrusion detection, visitor management, or other needs, the San Jose security camera installation experts at Security 101 can help. 

How do I know if I have enough security cameras to protect my business?

The physical property and requirements of every business are different, which is why you need a team of security professionals to coordinate with you to determine your security camera needs. 

What does security camera installation cost? How much are your services once the security cameras are installed?

Naturally, the cost of security camera installation varies depending on the size of the facility, the number of security cameras required, and several other factors. If you contact Security 101, a security camera installation professional can provide you with a risk assessment and a comprehensive security camera recommendation. 

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Reach out to Security 101 for service from the best commercial security company in San Jose

Security 101 provides top-of-the-line video security systems to keep San Jose businesses secure. Staffed by factory-trained technicians and engineers, our team ensures client satisfaction and safety by performing thorough installations, all-systems testing, certification, and compliance checks. Once your security cameras are installed, you can rely on our professional service and A-rated customer experience.  With our help, San Jose area companies can rest assured that their property and employees are as safe as can be.


If you're looking for video surveillance technology from one of the best security companies in San Jose, call Security 101 at (925) 403-4955 or reach out to us today. Before you know it, you will be able to rest easy knowing your company—and your people—are safe.

SafeGuard 101™

SafeGuard 101
Experience unparalleled service & support

Safeguard 101 is our comprehensive service and support agreement which provides our clients:

  5-year warranty
on new installations
  3-year warranty
on existing installations
  • The least expensive cost-of-ownership
  • Same-day service response
  • 24/7 service capabilities
  • Customer portal

SafeGuard 101 software support programs (SSA's) allow you and your team to:

  • Keep up with innovation
  • Make costs predictable
  • Adapt to changing needs
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As a commercial integrator, Security 101® is able to deliver best-in-class design, installation and service by utilizing our unique and proven business approach within the security industry.

This nationwide model allows us to set standards across our network and provide our clients the consistency, accountability and satisfaction they deserve.