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Why is solar power such a good fit for construction sites?




There are multiple reasons that justify the pressing need of installing solar-powered security technologies at mobile construction sites. This is applicable even for projects protected by a builder's risk insurance policy, as there are important instances commonly excluded from coverage, including employee theft.

Fundamentally, this industry loses about $1 billion dollars, every year, due to theft, vandalism, and liabilities. In a sense, this is not a surprising figure. Typical construction projects fulfill the basic requirements that render them vulnerable and an easy target for criminals. They are mobile and cannot accommodate traditional fixed physical security solutions, particularly video surveillance.

Other reasons that exponentially increase a construction site’s exposure include:

  • Statewide power outages: These are becoming more frequent.
  • On-hold construction sites: Resources and machinery are at an elevated risk when work is delayed or paused.
  • Worker shortages: Less staff on-site results in augmented security gaps.
Solar-powered solution

An adequate and effective solution is solar-powered video surveillance. With the adoption of this technology, construction sites can finally safeguard valuable materials in temporary building areas, reduce the potential risk of crime, and avoid false claims 24/7.

Because these video cameras get power from the sun, there is no need for fixed power or network cables on site. In addition, an optimal setup can offer several days of functionality despite a cloudy or rainy environment (good news for construction projects located in states apart from CA or FL).

The latest technology has the ability to produce high-quality images in poor, low-light conditions and classify targets using deep learning, which is primordial to prevent false alarms and increase detection accuracy.

Moreover, they adapt to the inherent mobility of building projects. Solar-powered cameras are flexible and easy to transport and reposition around the site.

Other benefits are:

  1. A safe and protected construction site day and night.
  2. Solar-powered cameras work in any weather and under any conditions, such as in extremely dark environments.
  3. Easy installation.
  4. Increased sustainability. This is an eco-friendly solution.

Solar-powered video cameras can help overcome the recurrent limitations of construction sites by offering increased protection and unparalleled flexibility.