Next-generation security for the entertainment industry

by Monica Gonzalez on Jul 27, 2022 7:45:00 AM

Physical security remains a key concern for public venues. Entertainment complexes, particularly, require 24/7 first-class security measures and technologies that control the underlying risks associated with this type of public area. A positive transformation for the entertainment vertical is the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a tool that can improve the integration between security solutions, augment the ROI, and expand the monitoring throughout extensive states.

Crime facts

There is no question that large sporting events affect criminal behavior. Documented increases in violence resulting from the concentration of hostile fans and aggressive conduct, as well as recent violent episodes (e.g., the Gary shooting), demonstrate the urgent need to implement next-generation technologies that keep communities safe.

Likewise, major theme parks are linked to increased crime. These complexes contain multiple public and employee-only areas that must be constantly patrolled in order to efficaciously safeguard visitors and staff. Moreover, some vulnerable exhibits call for sophisticated solutions, such as exotic animals; in addition to critical areas like operating rooms of roller coasters.

Artificial Intelligence and the paradigm shift

AI is indeed revolutionizing the realm of physical security as we know it. For entertainment venues, the adoption of AI-powered solutions specifically means:

  • Enhanced trend recognition
  • Improved and real-time response to emergencies
  • Unparalleled investigation capabilities
  • Deeper situational awareness
  • Safer complexes

It is interesting to take a look at the progress made in recent years. We went from forensic security technologies, only able to be utilized after a crime had taken place to reactionary security, in which, solutions like video surveillance and access control were often implemented in silos, and response times were still deficient.

The future lies in preventative security and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. AI can support entertainment venue managers by averting criminal activities, enabling autonomous responses, enhancing monitoring, and keeping people safe with minimal human intervention.

AI-Driven video analytics

One of the most powerful AI applications is intelligent video analytics software.

These are some instances that can be highly beneficial for the entertainment vertical:

Emergency response
When there is real-time detection, there is a better way to manage security threats. AI offers instant access to valuable data, which results in rapid and proactive responses.

Safer venues
Safety can be amplified with more efficient and predictive AI-based security systems.

Improved investigations
Captured footage can be used as evidence to solve criminal offenses. Artificial intelligence can help solve crimes and understand developing situations faster.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way physical security is done for entertainment venues. As crime is a latent risk element for stadiums and theme parks, decision-makers must modernize their security systems and protocols with AI-driven solutions, easy to integrate and built with predictive and anticipatory automatic responses.

Facilitate safer venues

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