Using your security system as a training tool

by Corey Tyriver on Jun 20, 2018 9:58:42 AM

Security-for-training-blogAs we’ve said before there’s value in your security system beyond safety and security. Security and safety are essential parts of any business or organization. But, if you aren’t looking beyond that for your surveillance cameras and recorders you are severely underestimating their value.

Not only do they help with compliance and liability issues - they are also an excellent productivity tool that can be used in training sessions for employees and managers.

Training is a huge cost for many companies. Making sure employees know how to do a job and do it right can increase productivity and minimize errors and injuries. The video from security cameras provides a real-world example of how to complete tasks – and in some cases how not to complete them. For example, video from security cameras on a loading dock can be used to demonstrate the fastest and most efficient way to load and unload a van or truck. They can also point out safety hazards and best practices. Existing security footage provides a valuable visual when training any new or existing personnel.

Other examples include manufacturing where existing video can be used to take new employees through the production process and give them a good understanding of the work flow throughout the facility. It works similarly for maintenance and cleaning crews and it can even be used for vendors to demonstrate expected procedures and outcomes.

Here are some other examples where surveillance video can be used for training:

  • Customer service
  • Food service/cafeterias
  • Parking procedures
  • Updating skills

One of the most important elements of training is being able to measure your results. Are employees using the new or updated skills they’ve learned? Here, again, security video can play a vital role in the process. Reviewing security footage after a training session can help measure its success. It can tell you if employees are putting the information they have learned into practice.

Remember, the video images from your security system are valuable. It may just take a little outside-the-box thinking. 

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