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Treat or threat? Safety tips for rental properties on halloween




Not everyone wants treats on Halloween. Unfortunately, this is a time of the year when the highest number of vandalism claims occur, increasing to 81 percent when compared to a regular day, according to The American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA). With Halloween fast approaching, Property Managers should take extra steps to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy celebration.

Due to the higher number of people circulating through apartment buildings on this day, there is more potential for problems than usual. To help protect your property from criminal activity, it is important to follow the following suggestions:

1. Walk-through

A few days before Halloween, schedule a complete walk-through of your premises.


  • Inspect every hallway, stairwell, and common area.
  • Look for potential problems such as loose railings, burnt light bulbs, garbage, and loose carpets.
  • If your property has security cameras, ensure they are properly functioning.


  • Look for tripping hazards (e.g., loose pathway stones or hoses left out on the lawn)
  • Ensure sidewalks are well lit.
  • Pick up and dispose of anything that could be thrown at the building.
2. Thermal Cameras

Consider using thermal cameras, as they provide one of the most effective 24/7 monitoring solutions available today. Since most lawbreaking takes place at night during Halloween, thermal imaging is a valuable alternative to keep properties safe.

Unlike other video solutions, thermal cameras do not need any light to capture high contrast, quality footage. In addition, they can see through visual obstacles, like dust, fog, smoke, or foliage.

When thermal imaging cameras are integrated with your security system, they can provide property owners and administrators with a multitude of benefits, from accurate analytics with fewer false alarms to increased coverage and higher ROI.

3. Test Alarms

Make sure that alarms are up-to-date and working properly, especially in garages, hallways, lobbies, and laundry rooms. These are higher-risk areas since most people will be distracted handing out candy on Halloween.

4. Fire Safety

One of the biggest disasters a Property Manager could face is fire. It is crucial to inspect your properties for fire hazards to prevent any incident during Halloween.

Remind tenants to keep candlelit pumpkins and any other open flames away from doorsteps, walkways, and other landings that may be in the path of trick-or-treaters. If someone accidentally knocks over a pumpkin, the flame could ignite nearby leaves or clothing and cause a fire.

Further, inspect heating equipment and chimneys, examine the electrical wiring, ensure fire alarms are properly installed, and post clear evacuation procedures.