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The growing opportunity of VSaaS for property managers



The-growing-opportunity-of-VSaaS-for-property-managers-2Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is rapidly becoming the ideal way to augment cost efficiencies and enhance security. For property managers, moving from traditional systems to VSaaS can be particularly beneficial.

Whether you are in charge of several retail stores, office buildings, apartments, or mixed-use facilities, implementing an advanced monitoring system can help safeguard tenants and employees, minimize theft and vandalism threats, reduce liabilities, and protect the building from physical damage.

VSaaS is a cloud-hosted video security alternative that offers unique possibilities to the real state vertical compared to conventional systems:

Remote and centralized control

Managed video surveillance allows property owners and administrators to remotely oversee, access, record, and store monitoring data in the cloud. This is key when you are in charge of multiple buildings and need to monitor each location and receive real-time notifications if a problem occurs.

Greater ability to integrate

Traditionally, there is limited to no communication occurring between the surveillance system and other physical security solutions. As more buildings or units are added to your portfolio, this can cause potential issues and vulnerabilities.

With VSaaS, integration with other security systems is optimized, a valuable feature for property managers seeking modernization and tenant satisfaction.

By integrating VSaaS with managed access control, for instance, you can:

  • Expect to know, in real-time, who is accessing the building.
  • Prevent the entrance of ex-tenants or unwanted visitors.
  • Let in cleaning teams and other service providers at specific times.
  • Ensure renters only have access to their units.
  • Efficiently manage lock-out situations.

It is common that legacy systems become obsolete after just a few years, especially when they depend on hardware that includes DVR/NVRs, servers, hard drives, and more. Conversely, cloud-based video surveillance does not require expensive on-site equipment, which facilitates continuous upgrades in various locations and reduces costs.

In addition, storage can be easily scaled in the cloud to meet the needs of the building complex. With managed video surveillance, decision-makers can lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase business efficiencies.

VSaaS is a concept that is gaining more traction in the property management industry, compared to conventional technologies, as it is a more cost-effective solution that provides reliable and remote monitoring across different sites, exceptional scalability, and enhanced security.