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Security after dark – Scary risks manufacturing companies face



SECURITY-AFTER-DARK-–-SCARY-RISKS-MANUFACTURING-COMPANIES-FACEAs the country is dealing with extraordinary circumstances, from a global pandemic to social and economic upheaval, there has been an unprecedented spike in burglaries and vandalism in 2020. Businesses and manufacturing facilities have been a notorious victim of theft, damage, and robbery, especially those closed due to shutdown orders put in place by state governors.

Physical security can no longer be overlooked by manufacturers, considering it is the basic shield that protects people, equipment, systems, facilities and company assets. Furthermore, data breaches can be avoided by intensifying physical security measures. The theft of hardware or data sabotage are always likely to occur unless protective steps are taken to stop unauthorized individuals from entering the premises or environment of the business.

The following factors should be considered to design a sophisticated perimeter security solution for facilities:

  • Visibility
  • Critical assets visible to outsiders
  • Landscape and environmental conditions such as lighting and climate
  • Local crime information and statistics
  • First responder locations
Thermal Imaging Technology

The answer to the security challenge manufacturing companies are now facing should be one that works efficiently, regardless of lighting, terrain, or weather. Commercial and industrial premises are most vulnerable after dark and should be well prepared at impeding intruders from getting access to the facility at night, with a robust perimeter barrier.

Consequently, it is suitable for business and manufacturing owners to include advanced thermal imaging technology to their perimeter security arsenal. Thermal Cameras provide “cat vision” and help detect intruders trying to get in in darkness and harsh environments, by identifying body heat the moment someone breaches the perimeter.

Thermal Cameras are a phenomenal addition to a security system, since they don’t need optimal lighting, unobstructed views, or ideal weather conditions to help protect the perimeter and stop security issues before they cause any damage.

It is important that thermal imaging technology is implemented in combination with advanced software analytics. Rudimentary systems are not fully able to discern between human intruders and environmental noises. In addition, a well-designed implementation reviews alarm information and thermal camera evidence during an incident before requesting police dispatch. By using state-of-the-art software with specialized algorithms and proper verification protocols, the solution can:

  • Improve alarm accuracy
  • Reduce costs associated to false alarms
  • Minimize business disruption

Fortunately, many business security breaches are preventable. By implementing advanced security solutions and having a plan for potential incidents, manufacturing and commercial leaders can avoid being a victim of criminal activity, even during the darkest night.