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by Mac Thompson on May 12, 2015 2:30:00 PM


It’s no surprise that upgrading an aging security system or installing an entirely new system can sometimes be a strain on a company’s budget. A unique way of addressing the complex decision-making process is to consider its long-term financial prospects—how certain aspects of installing a security system can save the company money over the years. Consider buying groceries in bulk as an example: while it requires a slightly higher upfront cost than buying a regular amount of groceries, ultimately it saves money in the long run, reduces the amount of time and gas spent driving to the grocery store, and even lessens the amount of waste due to less packaging materials being produced and thrown out.

State-of-the-art security systems typically have a variety of integrated elements that work together to protect the organization from some sort of loss, whether it’s valuable assets, confidential information, time, or even human life—all of which results in a loss of money as well, due to costs of recovering/replacing assets or materials, higher insurance rates, misspent payroll, or potential lawsuits. Adding or augmenting a current security system can save an organization money in a variety of ways:


  • Integrating a new/additional security solution that can piggyback off the already-present IT network eliminates the need for the facility to spend more on wiring
  • If outfitted with a robust Wi-Fi network, an organization can install less security hardware in a shorter amount of time without sacrificing system ability or utility

Access control

  • Replacing magnetic swipe cards with contactless smart cards and new readers reduces maintenance/replacement costs due to their non-moving parts
  • For larger facilities, consolidating access control into a uniform system ensures one card/credential can open multiple access points versus issuing multiple cards to users
  • If employees use BYOD smartphones, an organization can eliminate the needs of access cards altogether by installing credential profiles within the phones’ NFC/Bluetooth chips, saving time and money on rebadging and card purchasing.
  • Incorporating human resource/accounting databases into the access control system can “clock” people into work as they access the building, reducing administrative time in these departments


A common adage is that time equals money; if a business can save time, obviously they will reduce costs. With regard to assessing the state of security at a facility, integration of security systems, components, and software is one of the best ways to eliminate lost man-hours due to inefficient processes.

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