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Openpath and AVA now Avigilon ALTA




Openpath® and Ava®, two leading companies in the security and access control industry and important Security 101 partners, recently announced that they will be rebranding as Avigilon Alta®. This new brand will bring together the strengths of both companies under a single umbrella, creating a more comprehensive and powerful solution for customers.

avigilon-alta-logo-openpath-rgb-1   avigilon-alta-logo-ava-rgb

Openpath is known for its cloud-based access control platform that provides seamless and secure entry to buildings and facilities. Ava, on the other hand, specializes in intelligent video surveillance systems that use advanced analytics and machine learning to identify and respond to potential security threats. By combining these two companies into Avigilon Alta, customers can benefit from a more complete security solution that integrates access control and video surveillance. The new brand will offer a range of products and services that cover every aspect of physical security, including cameras, access control systems, video analytics, and cloud-based software. We can also integrate alarm monitoring seamlessly into this unified platform, creating a full security solution for any business customer.

Avigilon Alta's mission is to provide advanced security solutions that are easy to use and effective in keeping people and property safe. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, this new brand is poised to be a leader in the security industry for years to come.