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How access control can help religious facilities open their doors these holidays



OPENING-YOUR-HOUSE-OF-WORSHIP-DURING-THE-HOLIDAYSWith the holidays just around the corner, religious institutions are getting ready to receive the biggest attendance of the year. The focus of many of these organizations is to invite non-members to join the celebrations but with an increase in criminal activity and acts of violence being committed, churches must become intentional in their efforts to create an atmosphere of awareness and safety. Knowing exactly the type of security equipment a religious building needs can help them to safely open the doors without losing their welcoming culture.

Choose an access control system that works for you

Choosing the right access control can make a difference. Easy to manage mobile credentials for example can make welcoming new members, staff, and volunteers a smooth process. Mobile credentials can not only grant access to those who need it but they can also help temple and church security staff know who is in the building at all times.

Remote access control can help with volunteers and staff working around the clock. Managing custom schedules can make it easy to grant access to certain doors 24/7 while keeping other parts of the building secure. Attendance report is another feature of an access control system that could help congregations manage occupancy levels and arrange the logistics needed to comply with social distancing protocols.

Lastly, it is important to look for an access control system that is future-proof and easy to integrate with other systems. Over-the-air software upgrades like a cloud-based security system can reduce the cost of having a technician manually patching a system in person.

All houses of worship present different security needs depending on their size and location. But by employing a piece of security equipment that is right for their space, temples can foster a welcoming environment during their holiday events.