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Situational Awareness

Transform the physical security of your organization with enhanced situational awareness, a fundamental building block to assess risk factors, identify mitigation strategies, and protect your people and assets. Knowing in real-time what is going on at your site, having access to vital data, and minimizing the chances of adverse events is at the core of an effective security plan.

Artificial intelligence

A progressive innovation that is changing the way you should do security.

Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM)

Artificial intelligence (AI) provides a “brain” to security ecosystems and allows facility managers to safeguard vulnerable areas, keep people safe, increase the health of buildings, and improve the sense of security within your organization. These benefits result in new possibilities that allow you to focus on what matters most: running your enterprise.

Security 101 works with you to design and implement a solid, multifaceted security system that utilizes data intelligently and prioritizes the well-being of your site. A solid integration of Artificial Intelligence optimizes communication and decision-making, while improving visibility. In addition, it helps you adapt to unexpected threats more effectively.

Thermal imaging

Improve visibility in the dark. Protect your perimeter unconditionally.

“Thermal Imaging

Security 101 gets that constant situational awareness and rapid threat detection are critical to keeping your enterprise safe.

This priority, however, gets more challenging as lighting conditions decline and your security team fails to timely notice dangerous situations.

With our unparalleled integration of thermal imaging and analytics, available for any-size business, you can finally detect, classify, and recognize intruders through the fog, shadows, thick smoke, dust, complete darkness, and other adverse environmental circumstances.

Thermal imaging top benefits

As thermal cameras can be integrated with video analytics, incidents can be automatically detected, triggering an alarm and helping your organization quickly and appropriately address issues.

The built-in analytics can include sound recognition, among other tools. Having the ability to detect sound is especially valuable since it could denote aggressive or distressed behavior or even gunshots.

Intelligent monitoring also includes the following data:
  • Object size
  • Object speed (the number of frames windows for speed of objects)
  • Object location
A critical tool to create a safe healthcare setting, where patients and caregivers feel comfortable and secure, is thermal technology. High-quality thermal imaging systems can be used by healthcare providers to offer patients uninterrupted monitoring, while still respecting their right to privacy.
With thermal technology, patient satisfaction and safety, as well as quality of care, can be substantially increased.
Thermal cameras offer your site with superior protection in tough scenarios, including low-light conditions, visual limitations, or camouflaging foliage where regular cameras could be unreliable. Moreover, this technology provides you with environmental adaptability, thermal detection surpassing the visible spectrum, and longer detection rates.
Thermal imaging enables high-performance video analytics, overcomes the blindness of motion-detection solutions, and provides more certainty to what a camera is seeing, producing far fewer false alarms and increasing time efficiency for security managers.
This unparalleled technology can indicate many potential defects occurring in your site. Heat propagation through your building, elevated body temperature, and air or gas leaks can certainly compromise safety. With thermal cameras you can uncover hidden issues that could affect the security of your business.

Weapon & gunshot detection

Respond effectively to threats of gun violence.

Weapon & gunshot detection

Firearm violence, the leading cause of premature death in the U.S., is a serious problem that requires proactive intervention. Security 101 can implement for your institution advanced AI-driven gun detection technology, which employs safe, ultra-low frequency electromagnetic fields, analytics, and smart sensors. 

Create an environment that feels safer, yet welcoming and inviting. Combined with guards and metal uncovering solutions, our non-intimidating weapon detection systems discover, in real time, when a person has a gun on their body, and where exactly it is being concealed. Once a firearm is noticed, an alert is conveyed to the correct leaders and security professionals, who can then address the warning.

This technology can be deployed indoors or outdoors.

Drone detection

Detect, track, identify, and defeat.


Drones pose an increasing threat to your site. Not only can they fall out of the sky, crash into crowds, and injure people, but they are often used for espionage, unauthorized surveillance, and criminal purposes.

Strengthen your airspace security with a state-of-the-art drone defense technology able to detect risks immediately and with accuracy and help you take decisions timely when unwanted unmanned aerial vehicles are localized.

Security drones

Embrace the advantages of automated surveillance.

Security drones

Integrate autonomous and dynamically controlled drone technology into your security system to amplify situational awareness, reduce potential risks, and respond to threats cohesively and rapidly.

The operations of your security team can be supported with the smart integration of modern aerial devices. Now they can view drone footage, inspect areas consistently and persistently remotely, and receive automated intelligence from visual data.

Radar detection

Safeguard your perimeter while increasing situational awareness.

Radar Detection

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PID) utilizing radar technology can detect intruders 24/7 even in harsh weather conditions or in deficient-light scenarios by transmitting a high-frequency electromagnetic signal towards the suspect.

By integrating radar detection with other sophisticated security solutions, you can receive real-time alarms of possible threats, plus useful findings.

We offer you strategic redundancy to help you prevent false alarms, prioritize multiple targets, and better protect the perimeter of your organization.

Physical Identity & Access Management

Securely manage workforce identities.

Artificial Intelligence

Supplemental to your access control system, Security 101 provides you with adaptable and customizable solutions to orchestrate dynamically the management of identities and their physical access to your facilities. 

With Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM) and the comprehensive integration of access control systems, you can direct entry to your site, manage credentials at the role, policy, or attribute level for every employee, customer, or visitor, and reduce security risks.

Mass notification

Ensure employee safety and business continuity.

Mass Notification

Effective communication before, during, and after an emergency is a powerful way to gain quantifiable safety, security, and business resilience.

Deploy a robust emergency notification system to guarantee messages are sent promptly to people, through various channels, such as texts, push notifications, and emails. This solution is critical to use when you need to inform your employees, visitors, and contractors of a high-risk situation. 

A first-class system permits remote access from different devices. Moreover, it optimizes the operations of your organization, as it can be used for day-to-day communications.

Mass notification systems are one of the most important measures you can take to mitigate the consequences of a threat. As soon as the risk of an assault or natural disaster is detected, the system can divulge key messages to personnel to evacuate or hide. 

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Situational awareness
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