Integrated Security System Design


Every business has uniquely specific requirements for the protection of their organization, and Security 101 knows how to partner with your company to achieve a clear vision to design, upgrade, or augment a new/present security solution. The security development team at Security 101 guides your company down the right path through a comprehensive security systems evaluation and assessment to completely understand the project’s scope, requirements, and functionality. From our years of experience we offer design and technical expertise that provides flexibility for even the most custom-built systems, and provide the ability to phase a project’s implementation to ensure a low total cost of ownership for the long term.

  • Client interviews
  • Site surveys
  • Security risk evaluations
  • Written specifications
  • System assessments


The engineering department at Security 101 efficiently maps out any electronic challenges your security may face and facilitates a specific solution so as to remain robust and dependable. Our certified engineers ensure the entire process results in a complete system that holds integrity and accountability, protecting the right assets in the right way. In cases of unexpected industry and/or operational changes, the team creates a flexible and scalable framework to build upon for future additions.

  • System submittals
  • Design and technical expertise
  • Facilitation of operations
  • Unique and flexible framework


Certified Security 101 installation specialists and technicians streamline the deployment of security hardware by maintaining partner communication and equipment readiness. Our team leverages its expertise by providing all system testing, certification and compliance required to uphold to your organization’s policies and procedures. The installation specialists also require ongoing manufacturer training to drive the highest amount of operational efficiency and eventual improvement.

Project Management and Installation

  • Web-based project management software
  • Coordination and communication
  • Wiring
  • Equipment installation
  • Final terminations

Project Commissioning

  • System training
  • System testing and acceptance
  • Operations and maintenance manuals
  • As-built documentation
Security101 Service Support

  Service Support

Thanks to the high standards and practices that support our technical and analytical approach, Security 101 holds invaluable experience servicing product from the industry's top manufacturers. All of our service and support technicians are factory-trained and committed to producing best-in-class experiences and fanatical customer service. Our service professionals provide all system testing and certification along with all required software support, trouble resolution, and preventative maintenance that continues to enhance our reputation as the ultimate in reliability.

  • 24-hour service fleet
  • Mobile communications
  • Factory-authorized service
  • Customer portal

SafeGuard 101™

SafeGuard 101
Experience unparalleled service & support

Safeguard 101 is our comprehensive service and support agreement which provides our clients:

  5-year warranty
on new installations
  3-year warranty
on existing installations
  • The least expensive cost-of-ownership
  • Same-day service response
  • 24/7 service capabilities
  • Customer portal

SafeGuard 101 software support programs (SSA's) allow you and your team to:

  • Keep up with innovation
  • Make costs predictable
  • Adapt to changing needs
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Managed Services

siteguard-101-logo-reverse managed-video-surveillance

Virtual Guard Services

Remote site patrol  |  Detect & deter

Proactive and interactive video monitoring solutions for all types of businesses.
Through the use of advanced technology, trained staff remotely monitors your property at all times and provides immediate assistance when suspicious activity is detected.

Virtual Guard Tours

Virtual Chaperones

Virtual Doormen

Why SiteGuard 101?

  • Security Video Intelligence: More than video analytics — expert operators routinely monitor and adjust analytic settings to improve operations and performance.
  • Operators challenge suspects directly – this is exponentially more effective than just a siren sounding.
  • Capture video records of suspect activity and incidents.
  • System design, build, configuration, set-up and testing are all done by experienced security professionals who are experts in their field.
  • It’s all about the Return On Investment (ROI): Typical capital expense recovery time frame is less than 1-year.
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Managed Access Control

Security101 SiteGuard

Simplicity, freedom and cost savings

SiteGuard 101, Security 101's managed access control solution simplifies your security and provides your employees with peace-of-mind, all without the hassle of administering, maintaining and hosting your own system. Whether you're working from a single location or operating as multiple locations around the globe, SiteGuard 101 provides you with the benefits of an access control enterprise, freeing you and your team from day-to-day system management.

It's easy to

  • Permit or restrict access and add or delete cardholders
  • Eliminate traditional keys and the expense of re-keying
  • Generate reports hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Identify who has access and when they entered the facility
  • Administer, manage, and backup your card database
  • Manage doors to unlock automatically by day and time—even holidays
  • Generate alarm notifications via email or to mobile device


SiteGuard 101 eliminates the need for the costly investment of owning servers — not to mention their maintenance and replacement. Save on IT costs with one less system to maintain.
With the hosting service, you can easily try a one or two door system with no risk and grow as needed.
Receive immediate phone support for your technical questions or navigate through how-to's, FAQs, and searchable online documentation on our web portal.
Windows patches and free software upgrades are included.
You are simply joining an existing system.
When the system is managed by Security 101, you don't have to learn it and your team doesn't have to do it. You can count on Security 101 for all the day-to-day tasks required.
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