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World-renowned Dallas Museum of Art chooses Security 101 to handle security upgrades




Security 101, located in Dallas, TX was chosen to handle the security for the world-renowned Dallas Museum of Art. The Museum is world-class and known to house more than 24,000 priceless pieces of art from all different countries. The museum upgraded its security system to a network-based system. The goal in mind was to provide a video management platform with a proven track record of reliability and performance in a key high-security environment.

The museum wanted the installation to be more user-friendly for the officers, have an enhanced ability to record incidents, and have improved quality in video with the integration of IP video.

The two primary objectives the museum set for this project were providing educational opportunities for guests and preservation of the art.

The Dallas Museum of Art hosts roughly 600,000 visitors a year. While there is usually never any intent to harm, things sometimes do happen and security is a top priority on their list to protect their art.

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