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Security 101 - Hampton Roads Security Seminar



Security Seminar: Workplace Violence

Team101 in Hampton Roads is hosting an educational seminar about workplace violence (WPV) and its common causes and behaviors, from simple aggression all the way to active shooter events. The event takes place from 10 am to 1 pm on Wednesday, September 16th, and will include a discussion regarding several prevention and response strategies based upon the type and level of threat as well as low cost/no cost resources to mitigate WPV.

The venue of the event is Tyco Security Productsthe Dominion Enterprises Conference room at 150 Granby Street (which includes validation for parking for the MacArthur Mall). The seminar will also feature a complimentary lunch as well as insights from the following guest speakers: Lynx

  • S.A. Michael Freeman - FBI Norfolk Office
    Larissa Sutherland - Family Advocate Specialist, U.S. Navy
    Tim Lee - Lynx Systems

RSVP is required, and seating is limited so don't hesitate to register below. For any additional questions or information, please contact Susan Hunter at 757.961.3373.