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Securing parking lots and garages



securing-parking-lots-and-garages-blogParking lots and garages are hotspots for crime. According to the Federal Bureau of Justice statistics, about one in ten property crimes are more than 7% of violent crimes occur in a commercial or residential facility.

Creating safe environments for parkers has become a greater challenge as the industry continues to push forward with automated (unmanned) lots and structures. This trend increases the value of electronic security solutions to help protect patrons and their property.

Here's a look at some of the equipment being installed by parking facility operators:

Access Control enables monthly parkers to use assigned cards to open special entry and exit lanes. An access system also helps operators keep more doors into a garage locked, while eliminating the need for keys which can be lost or stolen. Access cards are easily replaced without the high costs of rekeying locks. 

Security Cameras assist operators with real-time images of their parking facilities. Studies have shown just the mere presence of cameras can deter criminals. Also, recorded video can be useful in defending against liability claims, a common occurrence in parking facilities.

Video Analytic Software counts vehicles as they enter a lot or garage, helping operators guide patrons to available spaces. License plate recognition software can link a credit card to a license plate eliminating the need for monthly parkers to carry a plastic credential.

Audio Intercoms provide patrons and facility manager with a two-way voice communications link. This can be helpful during emergencies or when there are troubles with ticket- dispensing machines and revenue control systems.

Blue Light Emergency Stations provide easy-to-locate towers or wall mounted boxes enabling distressed patrons to request immediate assistance during an emergency.

Each of these devices can be operated over a network enabling an operator to monitor multiple parking facilities from a single operations center.

Other security considerations include lighting throughout a facility, especially around pay stations and gates. Frequent signage helps people find their vehicles, exits, pay stations, elevators, and emergency call stations. Criminals often prey on patrons who are lost and confused.

While these tips are broadly applicable, parking facilities widely vary by type, size and location, making it impossible to find one security plan that fits all. For help tailoring a plan that fits your parking facility, contact your local Security 101 office.