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Anti-theft security fog



Although traditional security systems, such as alarms and legacy surveillance cameras, provide valuable information and case evidence after a breach has occurred, they often fail to prevent crime or apprehend intruders in real time.

A cutting-edge technology that significantly enhances commercial safety and can fill in the gaps of a limited security strategy is density foggers, also known as security fog systems or smoke screens.

The concept behind density foggers is rooted in the understanding that criminals rely on visibility and familiarity with the site to carry out their illicit activities.

Therefore, by completely obscuring their line of sight, fog systems disrupt their plans and create a high-risk and disorienting environment for potential perpetrators. The goal is to force criminals to abandon their efforts, prevent theft or damage, and increase the chances of their detection and apprehension.

This innovation can effectively address the hindrances of traditional solutions and offer your business an active and immediate response to threats that could otherwise jeopardize the integrity of your assets, employees, and customers.

By deploying dense fog, you are able to confuse intruders and hamper their ability to go through your site. Smoke screens offer a brand new strategy to protect enterprises in a successful, different way.

Creating a powerful visual barrier

This is how density foggers work to safeguard your premises:

Activation: Density foggers are typically integrated with security systems. Although they can also be operated manually. When an intrusion is detected, either through an alarm trigger or manual activation, the fogger system is initiated.

Fog generation: Once activated, the fogger system rapidly generates fog or smoke. The fog is created by heating a solution, usually composed of glycol-based or water-based vapor, which is stored in a reservoir within the fogger unit.

Dispersion: The fog is then dispersed into the protected area. This can be achieved through a network of pipes or nozzles strategically placed throughout the space. The fog is released at high pressure, in order to quickly fill the area.

Rapid fog formation: Within seconds of release, the fog quickly forms and expands, filling the space. The fog is dense and opaque, reducing visibility to almost zero. It creates a thick barrier that makes it extremely difficult for intruders to see and proceed.

Visibility obstruction: The fog remains suspended in the air, creating a persistent visual barrier. It hinders intruders' ability to locate valuable assets, find escape routes, or carry out their illicit activities effectively. It can linger in the protected area for an extended period, depending on the specific system. This persistence ensures that even if intruders attempt to wait out the fog, their visibility remains obstructed until the fog naturally dissipates.

Clearing: Over time, the fog naturally dissipates or is cleared using ventilation systems. Once the fog clears, visibility is restored, and the space returns to its normal state.

Two important points to mention are:

  1. Anti-theft security fog has a risk-free composition. The fog emitted is designed to be safe for humans, electronics, and sensitive materials. Smoke screens are typically non-toxic, leaving no residue or harm once it clears. This feature ensures that the protected space remains unaffected and eliminates the need for extensive cleanup or repairs.

    Further, the fog fluid is typically based on either water or glycol. Water-based fog fluids are recommended in environments where residue or cleanup is a concern, like a clothing store. Conversely, glycol-based fog fluids tend to produce more dense fog and are commonly utilized in applications where maximum visual obstruction is desired.

    If the fog fluid is glycol-based, it might contain propylene glycol or glycerin as the primary ingredient. These compounds are commonly used in various industries and are generally safe for humans and non-toxic when used as directed.

    Nevertheless, before fog fluids are made available for commercial use, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety. Reputable manufacturers test their fog systems for toxicity, flammability, and other potential hazards. They adhere to relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure the product is safe for merchandise, employees, and others within the protected area.

  2. Density foggers can be integrated with other security systems, such as smart access control and IP-based video surveillance. This unification allows for synchronized operations, ensuring that the fog is deployed as soon as an intrusion is detected, maximizing the system's effectiveness.

    Smoke screens can communicate with the access control system of your organization through the use of sensors or alarm signals. When an unauthorized access attempt is detected, such as an invalid card swipe or an incorrect PIN entry, the access control system sends a signal or trigger to the fogger system, security personnel, and monitoring services.

    This simultaneous activation of the fog and alarms provides a comprehensive response to unauthorized access, maximizing the chances of timely detection and response.

Anti-theft fog is a valuable security solution that protects assets, and prevents theft and unauthorized access, without causing harm or damage, by creating an impenetrable visual barrier that disorients intruders. When combined with other security measures, it can play a vital role in safeguarding your business and reducing the risk of criminal activity.

Step up your defense against intruders

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