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A spotlight on Security 101’s star employee — Gary Conway Jr.



At Security 101, we believe in appreciating and honoring the talent within our organization, and celebrating the exceptional contributions and achievements of our star employees.

We think it is essential to showcase their remarkable journey, shed light on their accomplishments, and provide insight into their positive role within Security 101.

Meet our star employee

Today, we would like to recognize Gary Conway Jr., an exemplary Senior Technician at Security 101 — Connecticut location. His relentless dedication and passion for serving people has played a vital role in ensuring the highest level of security for our valued clients.

Since 1990, Gary has been involved in the Security sector, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His extensive background in the industry sets him apart as a true professional in his field.

Not only does Gary excel in his position at Security 101, but he also goes above and beyond to make a difference in his community. For an astounding 44 years, Gary has selflessly been a volunteer firefighter, demonstrating his devotion to keeping people safe both in and outside of the workplace.

“Gary is a great person who selflessly gives back to his hometown, always willing to go the extra mile.”

- Patrick Mirto, Operations Manager

Making a difference

Gary's impressive career in the fire service began at the young age of 14 when he joined the North Branford Ct. Fire Department. For 13 years, he dedicated himself to contributing to his community and honing his firefighting skills. In 1992, Gary and his wife Valerie relocated to their current home, where he enthusiastically joined the Ansonia Fire Department's Engine Co 1.

Driven by his determination for helping others, Gary pursued state certification in firefighting and went on to achieve National Certification as a Fire Service Instructor. With an impressive tenure of 31 years at the Ansonia Fire Department, he remains actively involved in the firehouse, serving as a driver on the Engine. Further, Gary was recently promoted to Captain of the firehouse.

“My background has provided me with valuable insights into the needs and expectations of people. Understanding their desires, requirements, and aspirations has been instrumental in enabling me to continually improve at my job, ensuring that I deliver the best possible service to our clients.”

- Gary Conway Jr., Senior Technician

Despite his demanding professional responsibilities, it is important to note that Gary's commitment to the fire service is entirely voluntary, as he does not receive any financial compensation for his altruistic cooperation. Moreover, as a firefighter, he is expected to answer calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week, hence it is commendable that he never misses a day at work.

Gary's generous dedication, combined with his professionalism, exemplifies his unwavering loyalty to public safety. Balancing his role at Security 101 and his responsibilities at the firehouse, he embodies the mission of our organization, demonstrating an outstanding work ethic and a deep sense of community spirit.