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    Part 3: Two ways AI is disrupting the security industry

    As we have said, data is the fuel that powers artificial intelligence. And that data comes from sensors. Sensor technology has been around many years. For example, in the security industry motion detectors and door and glass-break sensors are commonplace. They are basic devices that sense an event and send an alarm that then has to be interpreted by humans. Today’s sensors are much smarter. Using AI, they can not only detect an activity, they can learn to put that activity into context and act upon it.

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    Topics: Future of Security, motion sensors, safety, threats, AI, artificial intelligence, Anomaly Detection

    Part 2: Artificial Intelligence and smart cameras

    Cameras are the eyes of any security system. They can record everything that is happening 24/7/365. They are constantly collecting and recording data. However, basic cameras are pretty passive. They’re good for reviewing an incident after it happens and they can deter crime by their mere presence, yet cameras alone cannot stop or prevent crimes from occurring. What if you could give the eyes of your security system a brain? 

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    Topics: Future of Security, Video Surveillance, threats, Artificialintelligence, Predictivetechnoloy, AI

    Part 1: Artificial Intelligence in physical security

    Topics: drones, Future of Security, Video Surveillance, physical security, Artificialintelligence

    Get serious about campus security this summer

    Topics: Campus Security, Security Systems, safety, university, perimeter security, threats, Summer

    Using your security system as a training tool

    Topics: Security, Video Surveillance, IT, safety, compliance, Training, productivity