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Protecting People, Property and Profits

Security 101® Franchisees Offer Businesses Safety through Technology

If you consider the world we live in today, then you certainly understand the need for businesses that provide security systems and security technology. As a commercial integrator and Security 101® owner you will engineer, install, operate, and maintain sophisticated solutions to commercial customers in your large, protected territory. You will have the opportunity to provide integrated security systems and best-in-class solutions for access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and visitor management.

Security Operator

The Business Model

Our unique business model affords national coverage with the benefit of local ownership. This has enabled the Security 101 family to establish a broad and diverse customer base, as well as a reputation for providing the best service. The model has been tested and proven for over 20 years!


Business to business companies have more budget to spend than B2C customers, and are more likely to come back to you for bigger purchases when you provide quality services.

Immediate Credibility

A strong, developed security industry brand offers validity and confidence during the sales process.

Proven Systems

From operations to sales approach, the Security 101 method has proven itself for over 20 years.

Global/National Business

A strong Global Accounts team can mean enterprise customers with multiple locations in your local territory.

Superior Products & Pricing

Buying power helps your new business sell the products clients demand.

Strong Brand Recognition

A well-established brand that is synonymous with the highest quality of service.

Security Industry Facts   

  • The U.S. electronic security systems installation market was estimated at $80 billion in 2017.

  • The total security industry is estimated at $350 billion.

  • 64% of all U.S. security installations in 2017 were commercial/industrial.

  • The North American physical security market was valued at $53.17 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.7% from 2017 to 2025.

  • 83% of all revenues by installing companies in 2017 were generated by products that Security 101 offers.

  • U.S. security integration companies reported average gross revenues of $11.8 million in 2017 (compared to $10.6 million in 2016) for a healthy 11% gain.

  • Access control installations in 2017 had an average gross profit margin of 29.6%.

  • The average number of annual video surveillance installations for integrators was 216 and 201 in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

  • Video surveillance installations in 2017 had an average gross profit margin of 34.6%.

  • 71% of all commercial intrusion system installations were with new clients (versus upgrades of existing customers’ systems).

  • During 2017, U.S. companies spent an average of $845,081 on physical security.

  • The global market for Electronic Security Systems is projected to exceed $95 billion by 2024.

  • The North American video surveillance market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.1 percent for the forecast years of 2017-2025 and is estimated to be worth $35 billion by 2025.

Sources: SSI Gold Book 2018, Grand View Research

Security 101® In the Media

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"It's a Woman's World, Too" featured article and cover story.
"The Power of the Franchise" was written by SD&I's Editor-In-Chief, Paul Rothman.
SDM Magazine
"Integrator Franchise Provides National Coverage With Local Ownership"
SSI Magazine
Security 101 President Steve Crespo is featured on the cover of SSI magazine.
Security Dealer Magazine
Security 101 works with Cox Enterprises, Inc. of Atlanta.
Jacksonville Business Journal
Mike and Charlie Taylor of Security 101  – Jacksonville are featured.

Videos & Testimonials

Watch the following video clips for an inside look at franchising with Security 101 and have a “virtual discussion” with owners of Security 101 franchises from across the country. Learn more about the unique aspects of running a security integration business with the support of a proven model and the veteran staff at the franchisor level.


Why Security 101? (1:49)

“Why Security 101?” talks about the competitive edge you get when starting your own business within the security industry.


Foundation for success (1:24)

The “Foundation for success” describes how a stable and proven plan will set you up with the basic building blocks for a thriving business in the security industry.


101WARE (0:47)

This short clip is all about the Security 101 proprietary business operations software developed specifically for franchise owners, enabling them to run their security integration businesses from a web-based app.


Best-in-class products (1:04)

"Best-in-class products" talks you through how our nationwide network of offices helps you attain access to product from the manufacturers who are most sought after in the security industry.


TEAM101 (2:43)

One of the strongest concepts behind the success of Security 101 is the company culture and TEAM101 defines it.


Global Reach, Local Ownership (0:53)

Unique to the security industry, Security 101 can offer our clients a global reach with the dedication and "fanatical customer service" that can only come with local ownership.


True Partnership (2:29)

Learn more from Security 101® leadership about the culture difference and "True Partnership" you enter into when starting your own security business with Security 101.


True Transparency (0:55)

Steve Crespo, the cofounder and CEO of Security 101 describes how he and cofounder Jim Pasquarello share the vision of the company and work closely with franchise owners.

All about franchising with Security 101® (Full length 11:19)

View all of the above clips combined into one full length video.

ENGAGE-19 Conference Video Recap

Security 101 gathered as an organization in May 2019 for a two day conference entitled "ENGAGE". The event's theme was "Building a Better Security Business" and the activities were all centered around helping our franchises become even better businesses. Franchise owners and employees from across the country flew in for an invigorating set of keynote presentations, speakers, breakout sessions, and networking. Several of our key strategic manufacturer partners were also present and played an important role in the event.

In Our Owner’s Words

One of the biggest benefits of being a Security 101 franchisee is the camaraderie and the knowledge base provided by the other owners within the franchise organization. This information has proven to be invaluable by helping me avoid pitfalls, saving money and helping us be successful.” —Rich Montalvo

Rich Montalvo
Ross Linville

Becoming a Security 101 business owner is as rewarding personally as it is professionally. There is a sense of family among the other Security 101 franchisees. We know each other, learn from each other, and watch out for each other. I don't think I could get that in another franchise.” —Ross Linville

 Security 101 has helped since the beginning by making things so easy. Probably the best thing about our franchise is when we opened up we were ready to do business.” —Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan

One of the greatest parts of owning a Security 101 franchise is attending the owner's conferences. I always enjoy the trade shows and exchanging ideas with the other Security 101 franchisees.” —Charlie Taylor

 Security 101 sets the bar high in the industry with its diverse culture. There are no limitations when it comes to providing customer-centric service. In traditional corporate environments, major decisions regarding customer service are often over dialoged and delayed. At Security 101, each local office makes a decision that is in the best interest of the customer and their decision is supported on a national level.” —Ryan Wise

Tony Iovine

 Security 101 has helped tremendously by making things so simple. Everything we needed, Security 101 provided our team right from the start.” —Anthony Iovine