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SafeGuard 101™ Service Plans

Take the worry out of your security technology investment.

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Why Choose a Service Plan from Security 101?

Take control of your security investment

Welcome to a new era in security system maintenance with SafeGuard 101™ Service Plans. Our proactive approach is designed to minimize unplanned service issues, providing you with a dependable and worry-free security technology investment.

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Fixed Service Cost for Budgeting
Fixed service cost designed to fit the annual budgeting process.
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System Life and Longevity
Enhance the lifespan and dependability of your security solution.
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Identify Potential Issues
Identify potential issues with preventative maintenance inspections.
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Priority Service Response
We prioritize customer inquiries and requests with a differentiated customer profile, to ensure you receive swift and efficient attention.
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Formalized Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Formalized service level agreement for standard and emergency response.
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Scheduled Training Sessions
Stay updated on software advancements with scheduled training sessions throughout the year.
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Preferred Pricing
Access preferred pricing on software support agreements (SSA's) and future projects.
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Compliance and Inspection Management
Safeguard 101 streamlines the management of your compliance and inspection requirements, ensuring a seamless and effective process.
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Reduced Expenses with Planned Maintenance
Opt for saving on expenses through planned maintenance, which can be 5-10 times more cost-effective than facing unplanned repairs.

SafeGuard 101™ Service Plans: Ensuring your security, always

At Security 101, we understand that a proactive approach to security system maintenance is key. Our SafeGuard 101™ Service Plans empower you to take control, providing dependable security solutions that minimize unplanned service issues.



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Standard Warranty
Included items:

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Gold Plan
All Standard items plus:


Platinum Plan
All Gold Plan items plus:

8-5 | M-F Service

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Equipment repair/replacement

checkmark (1 year)

Emergency response

Within 24 hours

Within 8 hours

Within 4 hours

Non-emergency support

3-5 business days

1-2 business days

1-2 business days

Training on system functionality

3 hours per year

4 hours per year

Replacement of disposal parts (batteries, bulbs, connectors, etc.)


Customer Web Portal


Preventative maintenance and key component and integrity inspections


Software support agreements and subscription services

10% discount

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SafeGuard iconSafeGuard 101™ offers a comprehensive, proactive security management solution. It simplifies the security process and emphasizes hands-on servicing and maintenance, including programming changes, repairs, and other essential interventions. With its focus on efficient, effective protection and responsive service, SafeGuard 101 ensures world-class security when systems need attention.

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Partner with Security 101 for sustainable security solutions

At Security 101, we believe in more than just security systems; we believe in lasting partnerships. Our SafeGuard 101™ Service Plans are designed to provide not just security but also peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a service plan to meet your specific needs and contribute to the long-term success of your business.

Long-Term Expectations
Set expectations for system maintenance over the years.
Include service events in annual operating budgets.
Extend the life of your security system investment.
Contractually obligated response times reduce downtime.
Single-source support for service and future installations.
Keep your support team trained annually on system use.

Superior Security System Protection Plan

Redefining convenience in managing your security services, our Platinum Plan offers unparalleled ease and efficiency.

SafeGuard 101™ epitomizes comprehensive and proactive measures, offering a streamlined and simplified approach to security management. It ensures uninterrupted service and guaranteed performance, embodying the essence of efficient and effective world-class protection.

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